Artists’ Profiles 2022

Selecting works for the Aesthetica Art Prize is an inspirational and enlightening experience. There are so many artists worldwide creating pieces that need to be seen. Below is an image and short synopsis from each 2022 artist.


Akihiro Boujoh

Mixed Media
Akihiro Boujoh’s work encompasses sculpture, installation and photography to explore the emerging chasm between nature and human activities.

Baff Akoto

Artists’ Film
Baff Akoto’s Leave The Edges is an immersive dreamscape that explores the complex ancestries of African diasporic cultural expression.

Bart Price

Artists’ Film
Bart Price’s practice is grounded in the idea of the Gesamtkunstwerk, a creative process where different art forms are combined to create a cohesive whole.

Elise Guillaume

Artist’s Film
Elise Guillaume is a Belgian artist and filmmaker whose work explores our complex relationship with nature, which has become imbalanced.

Ellen Carey

Light’s immateriality continues to challenge practitioners today. Ellen Carey’s work combines the worlds of Polaroid and photogram.

Gjert Rognli

The force of nature is at the heart of Gjert Rognli’s artistic practice. His work often referencing his affiliation with Arctic Northern Norway.

Guen Murroni

Artists’ Film
Guen Murroni’s work – as a member of a direct-action group, fighting cuts to domestic violence services – has played a major role in her practice.

Ingrid Weyland

Ingrid Weyland’s work alters and enacts “violent gestures” on the land, contorting images until the landscapes become something altogether different.

Jason Bruges Studio

Jason Bruges Studio is an award-winning multidisciplinary art and design practice: a pioneer of the hybrid space between art, architecture and tech.

K Young

K Young’s methodology is based around social constructs and gender identity: examining spatial representation, form and the notion of time and place.

Marcus Lyon

The research-based Human Atlas project highlights individuals who are championing change and driving social impact in all its forms.

Omar Torres

Through the exertion of total control, the work of Omar Torres represents situations of resistance and tolerance, pushed to breaking point.

Rebecca Lejić-Tiernan

Artists’ Film
Rebecca Lejić-Tiernan’s work explores how the camera can expand the psychological tensions experienced between staged and natural realities.

Sara Choudhrey

Themes of space, place, heritage and identity are explored in Choudhrey’s work. She conducts studies in pattern, colour, light and texture.

Sarah Maple

Artists’ Film
Sarah Maple’s work challenges the interrelated notions of identity, religion, feminism, freedom of expression and the apparent status quo.

Sophie Dixon

Artists’ Film
Working across film, 3D technologies and installation, Sophie Dixon’s projects explore the themes of memory, and history, both real and virtual.

Steve Messam

Steve Messam’s temporary, eye-catching installations exploit colour, scale and narratives, creating a moment of interruption in the familiar.

Terrence Musekiwa

Terrence Musekiwa comes from a long line of sculptors. The shaping of stone, at the heart of the work, is inherited from the artist’s father.

Ulf König

Mixed Media
Ulf König’s expansive project Architecture Criticism offers an unorthodox and provocative view onto cityscapes and buildings.

Yukako Tanaka

Yukako Tanaka reflects on the accelerated transition of human condition in a new era, which can be defined as posthuman / transhuman.


Aaron Ricketts

Aaron Ricketts is a photographer, visual artist and creative director. Ricketts challenges human perception, inspired by the surrealist movement.

Andre Lichtenberg

After the Brexit referendum results were announced, Andre Lichtenberg shot the border between the UK & Europe under the moonlight.

Andrea Alkalay

Andrea Alkalay thinks through images, looking for the poetic and political potential of observation; photographs’ ability to manipulate reality.

Austin Irving

NOT AN EXIT is a collection of large format photographs that proposes a closer examination of nondescript interiors through which we pass.

Brandy Trigueros

Brandy Trigueros reflects on the configurations of the contemporary cyborg. Autonomous machines of war, labour, pleasure and companionship.

Charly Meyer

Charly Meyer’s digital artworks draw from the material complexities of nature – inspired by the colours and shapes of organic landscapes.

Chloe Meynier

Chloe Meynier’s Made In The Shade depicts characters in mid-century modern settings, mirroring an era that was aspiring for change.

Cristiano Volk

Cristiano Volk offers a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. He explores the varying relationships between popular culture and fine arts.

Cynthia MaiWa Sitei

Cynthia MaiWa Sitei responds to the photographic archive of British Social Anthropologist Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard at Pitt Rivers Museum.

Diana Cheren Nygren

Diana Cheren Nygren is a photo-based artist interested in the ways people understand – or misunderstand – themselves and their relationships.

Eliza Bourner

Eliza Bourner examines the state of our cultural landscape today: particularly in the realm of social behaviours and our growing sense of disconnect.

Florence Iff

Florence Iff works mainly on the subject of the Anthropocene; using objects and photographs, she uses various techniques to construct images.

George Byrne

George Byrne creates large-scale images that depict Californian landscapes as painterly abstractions. They are comparable to Lewis Baltz.

Gillian Hyland

Gillian Hyland’s photographs are steeped in narrative – Turas explores strength in femininity, drawing on the notion of the warrior.

Jada + David Parrish

Jada + David Parrish are mixed media artists whose work explores the connection between painting, sculpture, motion and photography.

Julio Bittencourt

The ways in which we live, occupy and share the world are fascinating to Julio Bittencourt, who is informed by an upbringing in Sao Paulo and New York.

Kristin Schnell

Kristin Schnell is drawn to the beauty and uniqueness of birds. Her practice offers an act of rewildling, centring on the importance of birds.

Kunal Kohli

Kunal Kohli is focused on capturing stories from everyday life – the image becoming a springboard into “seeing” as opposed to merely “looking”.

Martin Stranka

Martin Stranka is a self-taught photographer. His vision is located in balance and serenity, dramatic lighting and staged choreography.

Michael G. Prais

Michael G. Prais explores digital re-assembly, breaking down the building blocks of images – emphasising modes of spontaneity, deterioration and loss.

Michelle Watt

Michelle Watt specialises in conceptual narratives, addressing themes of freedom and restriction within the wider realms of cultural identity.

Miranda Lopatkin

Miranda Lopatkin uses light, translucency and shadow, to enhance her performative artworks – like crossfades in a film.

Niamh Swanton

Swanton plays the roles of both character and director in images that depict the complexities of being. She is influenced by dream symbolism.

Olivia Hemingway

In SMALL WORLDS, Olivia Hemingway combines interviews and portraits with powerful stories of strength, struggle and community spirit.

Paolo Pettigiani

Infraland is an ongoing project which transforms ordinary places into surreal landscapes in order to renew the spectators’ idea of the world.

Pietro Barbarossa

Spectral Memories questions the role of the home in the post-modern era. The work is, also, a memorial to the Floreal trailer park in Belgium.

Priscilla Ong

Priscilla Ong spent the last decade engaging in travel photography, but has since pivoted towards conceptual still life since the pandemic.

Ruth Hogg

Critical thinking, politics, research, science, psychology, experimentation, intuition, travel and activism inform Ruth Hogg’s diverse projects.

Sarah Connell

Perennial is a botanical study completed during lockdown. Sarah Connell created negatives from specimens she collected during her morning walks.

Sigita Silina

Sigita Silina’s work frequently examines sociocultural conditions. She isolates an individual from the crowd and places them in a calm, cinematic landscape.

Tamara Reynolds

Tamara Reynolds is a documentary photographer who considers what it means to be human today, focusing on the lives of those usually unseen.

Todd Antony

Todd Antony’s work can be described as “stylised realism” – making scenes that are grounded in reality, using light and colour to heighten situations.

Zoya Shu

Shu’s project seeks to draw attention to, and analyse, the horrors of war. She promotes wider discussion about the damage inflicted, and how to prevent it.


David Aston

David Aston’s practice is centred around anthropology, asking questions about our collective humanity at a time of accelerated change.

Hagit Pincovici

Hagit Pincovici’s signature clean lines balance her use of “softer” materials, highlighting the relationship between the experimental and functional.

Jonathan Phillips

Through sculptural ceramics, Jonathan Phillips creates a delicate boundary between a small, interior space and immeasurable space beyond it.

Junsuke Yokoyama

Junsuke Yokoyama’s practice is built on spontaneity. In doing so, he adheres to a developing form of expression devoid of agenda, or consistent themes.

Karen Browning

Karen Browning’s piece was made during lockdown and references the notion of the “other” place. The work is cast in solid glass and is fire-polished.

Lesley Hilling

Lesley Hilling works solely with salvaged wood and other found materials. She has collected the detritus left by previous generations.

Loz Atkinson

Loz Atkinson is a multidisciplinary artist, practising for over 12 years. Her work is provocative yet hopeful, full of visual and evocative depth.

Marianne Broch

These pieces have been created from hundreds of years-old trees felled by mountain wind, collected on hikes in the wild. Here, human meets tree.

Mark Purllant

Mark Purllant’s work has an immediate aesthetic of joy and freedom, however, upon delving deeper, provocative questions rise to the surface.

Susan Phillips

Themes of opposition and balance are explored throughout Phillips’ work, with forms that interconnect whilst retaining their separate integrity.

Zena Holloway

Coral Sea Fan – Grown From Root is an ongoing project exploring material science: the biological products and processes that are set to shape our world in the future.


Anne Moses

The human form has always intrigued Anne Moses. In these close-up paintings, the face and body encompass a universal sense of emotion.

Deborah Salt

Deborah Salt’s paintings are the result of an ongoing inquiry into what a painting is, what it can be and how tradition can be reinvented.

Derrick Breidenthal

Connected by techniques of diffusion, illumination and blending, Derrick Breidenthal’s paintings focus on the power and beauty of organic aesthetics.

Doreen Chua

A mnemonic device, or memory device, is a learning technique that aids information retention in the human memory. Doreen Chua explores this.

Emily Beza

Emily Beza sees her artworks as part of a dynamic, linear series that depicts recessional spatiality as well as movement across the surface.

Gaia Ozwyn

Gaia Ozwyn is inspired by both earthly and ethereal landscapes, creating a unique contrast between beauty and cruelty, clarity and obscurity.

Ilze Helgeland

Ilze Helgeland’s recent work has ruminated on the quotidian everyday: the trivial acts and objects that we start to forget through repetition.

Jingyi Wang

Jingyi Wang’s artworks focus on the relationship between nature and culture. Observation and perception are the source of her creation.

Laura Niculescu

In the Less is More series, Laura Niculescu goes deeper into the artwork, seeking a connection to inner-morality by providing visual quiet.

Leanna Moran

For Leanna Moran, the gesture of circle drawing (originally adopted as a coping mechanism for anxiety) eventually translated into watercolours.

Michelle Osman

Michelle Osman is known for producing oil paintings of storm clouds that eddy and churn over narrow slices of land, as well as figures set in unusual settings.

Paul Bursnall

Paul Bursnall is a British artist who combines Naïve style painting with Cornish coastal influence. Since 2007, he has produced over 2000 acrylics.

Perdita Sinclair

Perdita Sinclair is interested in the way the human mind confronts complex issues and at the same time, deals with the trivia of our everyday lives.

Roanna Wells

Roanna Wells’ portfolio, as a whole, considers the juxtaposition of control and spontaneity through the use of detailed mark-making.

Sachi Satomi

Sachi Satomi’s work includes painting, sculpture and installation, from which she seeks inspiration – which is crucial to the creative process.

Shahrokh Nael

For Shahrokh Nael, arts are a dramatic vehicle. Pictures can be harnessed to tell stories, pulling the viewer into a kind of psychological theatre.

Stephen Johnston

Throne is part of an ongoing series exploring how chairs can embody portraits: of people, place, feelings, events and narratives.


Ben Cullen Williams

Ben Cullen Williams’ practice includes installations, photography and video. He focuses on the intersection between space, technology and landscape.

Daniel Tollady

Daniel Tollady is an artist and educator interested in acts of walking, archiving and intuitive drawing as well as structural assemblage.

Edwina Cooper

Influenced by her experiences as a sailor, Edwina Cooper has held a continued interest in humanity’s interaction with water thresholds.


The Nest project was created by Endospace in 2020. This project aims to develop new media installations that are reconstructive and immersive.

Erskine + Stein

RELAY–DELAY is a dreamlike interdisciplinary work comprising video accessed by a QR code, alongside photographs and installation.

Hagar Elazari

Interested in experience, and working mostly with installation and objects, Hagar Elazari tends to return to the same media: code, electronics and light.

Henk Schut

Henk Schut is a visual artist whose ideas derive from posing questions about contemporary environments, historical events and current affairs.

John Lucy

In Hypergesture, John Lucy examines the relationship between human and machine bodies through the language of performance and surgical robotics.

Kate McDonnell

Kate McDonnell’s practice is a testament to hours of purposeless activity and restlessness; it embodies pointless labour and wasted time, regret and shame.

Kyriakos Paraskevopoulos

By perceiving creation as a phenomenon, Paraskevopoulos produces installations which he defines as “sculptural environments”.

Luciana Abait

Los Angeles-based artist Luciana Abait creates photo-based manipulated landscapes that are at once surreal, barren and thought-provoking.

Marietta Patricia Leis

Informed by journeys and imbued with a sense of place, Marietta Patricia Leis’s work is situated in a vortex of light, colour and minimalism.

Monroe Isenberg

Monroe Isenberg asks: how can we engage with nature and time as threads to mend our severed relationship with the Earth and each other?

Quays Culture

Quays Culture is a partnership initiative with a mission to animate public spaces, bringing extraordinary art into the heart of the community, free of charge.

Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang

In Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang’s Dandelion, custom-made specific recursion rules with fractal algorithmic data structures.

Seph Li

Seph Li’s series blends advanced digital technology with tropes from traditional Chinese culture, turning them into something altogether different.

Victoria DeBlassie

Victoria DeBlassie describes herself as an “ethno-archaeologist” – recognising and excavating materials after they’ve become “useless.”

Yuki Anai

Yuki Anai worked at teamLab for seven years and, after leaving, he started his own company “non-classic inc.” He works with lighting, sound and tech.


Avril Furness

Avril Furness is a director and digital creative working between film, theatre, gaming, new technology, VR, AR and AI applications.

Emma-Kate Matthews

Emma-Kate Matthews is a multidisciplinary artist, architect and researcher utilising sonic and spatial practices.

Grégoire A. Meyer

Grégoire A. Meyer’s digital constructions reflect on life post-2020. Here, the dove refers to a fictional environment unaffected by the virus.

Jennie Feyen

Humanoid – made using motion capture – transforms the body of contemporary dancer Cat Ryan into a genderless, faceless, unclothed being.

Kevin John Pocock

Kevin John Pocock is primarily concerned with human movement between built and natural landscapes – both physically and in our imagination.

Lol Sargent

Sitting at the intersection of photography and film, Peter, Shirley and Louis is one example of what Lol Sargent calls “Moving Portraits”.

Manifest Data Lab

Manifest Data Lab is looking at atmospheric and fossil fuel data in order to make clear the hidden forces underlying the climate crisis.

Soojin Rho

Soojin Rho is a South Korean artist focused on interactive narratives. This Too Shall Pass is a game based on the Buddhist conception of the universe.

Mixed Media

Daisy Patton

Daisy Patton collects abandoned family photographs. Bright colour and painted floral patterns adorn these relics with marks of devotion and care.

Dan Hendrickson

Dan Hendrickson’s Archeology series uses cyanotype and watercolour to remind viewers of the razor’s edge between the real and the imagined.

Duyi Han

Duyi Han creates digital and physical environments that call upon objects and perception to immerse viewers in the manifestation of beauty.

Francois Bancon

For 25 years, Francois Bancon’s work has centred around three main themes: humanity, memory and resistance. The artist’s work mimics the digital age.

Lucy Stevens

Lucy Stevens is a multidisciplinary British contemporary artist whose work draws inspiration from ornithology and colour theory.

Tom Cartmill

The concepts that underpin Tom Cartmill’s practice are the ways that buildings age, weather and transform with the passage of time.

Toyin Loye

In Toyin Loye’s Ripped Portrait series, identity becomes fashion and vice versa, through the act of carving, or otherwise dismantling membranes.

Artists’ Film

Charles de Agustin

Charles de Agustin primarily makes films, performances, expanded videos and texts that contend with the limits of complicity and critique.

Chia Yun Wu

Chia-Yun Wu is an artist and filmmaker focusing on topics of sense of belonging and human condition, reflecting the turbulence under the peace.

Diana Olifirova

Diana Olifirova choreographs camera movements in collaboration with action, space and rhythm, producing images that offer a sense of intrigue.

Jesse May Fisher

Jesse May Fisher explores the female body, sublimating histories of trauma and oppression through images of ecstasy and sensuality.

Kat Anderson

Kat Anderson uses the genre of horror to discuss representations of mental illness and trauma as experienced by, or projected upon, Black bodies.

Kate Graham

Kate Graham stepped in front of her camera for the first time to create a personal, nightmarish exploration of giving birth in the Covid-19 lockdown.

Leah Loftin

The films of Leah Loftin are vibrant, heightened dreamscapes that question the mythologies of history.

Sam Crane

Sam Crane situates Shakespearean performance inside the popular game Grand Theft Auto, assessing what constitutes “high” and “low” art.

Simon Brann Thorpe

Thorpe is known for producing cinematic landscapes and intimate portraits, exploring humanity’s complex psychological responses to war.

Valerie Hird

Valerie Hird is a multimedia visual artist whose work explores cultural mythologies and the roles they play in societal perception.

Zillah Bowes

Allowed is a film that brings together three-dimensional animations of urban growth: plants and flowers allowed to grow wild during lockdown.