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Memory and Legacy

Olufemi Olaiya is part of a wider movement by contemporary creatives to redress the balance of history, how it is packaged and how it is told.

Guided by Details

If we looked a little more closely, what might we see? Photographer Lucy Sparks answers this question in a collection of fragmented photographs.

A Space Between Worlds

For Taysa Jorge, art is a way of matching her inner thoughts with the physical world. Her works unfold in a blue-purple haze, as if in the middle of a dream.

Journeys After Dark

Daniel Grizelj draws inspiration from classical paintings. Focused light is essential – whether it appears from under branches, rocks or snowy peaks.

Alone, Together

For Rala Choi, the most important element in constructing a scene is to communicate his characters’ innermost thoughts and feelings.

Slices in Time

Cal Cole photographs various locations – from cityscapes to electricity pylons – over a period of 60 minutes between sunset and nightfall.

Life on Mars

Self-taught photographer John Barbiaux is a master of the everyday, capturing sweeping cityscapes and natural vistas to quiet streets of American towns.

A Closer Look

Photographer and educator Ryan Parra has spent 10 years researching the flora of the southwestern USA, combining visual art with scientific techniques.

Future Gardens

Zane Priede asks questions about how plant life might evolve. The result is a dystopia – where uncanny flowers and fruits mutate before our eyes.

Layered Horizons

Polish-born photographer Magda Biernat, who is based between New York and Paris, is interested in the oceans and how they connect to one another.

Alternate Realities

Sari Soininen is an internationally recognised Finnish photographer whose neon-coloured photography draws from the hidden depths of the human mind.

Computer Architecture

Christoph Morlinghaus is a German-born photographer interested in the unseen world of CPUs. Close-up images resemble aerial cityscapes.

Manipulated Sunsets

Inka and Niclas are interested in the dynamic between people, places and media, creating spellbinding work where landscapes are fluorescent.

Ethereal Moments

Berndnaut Smilde creates clouds indoors. They are made using smoke and water vapour and exist for a very short period of time – just 10 seconds.

Vivid Abstraction

Sharp shadows. Vivid colour palettes. High contrast. Tight framing. These are hallmarks of French artist Marguerite Bornhauser’s still life compositions.

An Exacting Eye

Forks balance against gingham fabric. Balloons are frozen mid-flight. Eyes peek through ripped paper. Burak Boylu captures chance everyday moments.

Coming of Age

Eric Asamoah’s analogue pictures are about growing up. They tell of journeys into adulthood, depicting raw and delicate experiences of youth in Ghana.

Identity and Place

Peru-born, Brighton-based Ian Howorth’s nostalgic analogue photographs ask: what are the places, objects and sights that shape who we are?

Waterways in Crisis

There are just over 200 chalk streams globally. 85% are found in the UK. Ellie Davies highlights their beauty and vulnerability in the face of climate crisis.

Back to the Arcade

Franck Bohbot is interested in the retro aesthetics of arcades and gaming spaces in Los Angeles, capturing neon-noir shots that flicker with excitement.

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