Aesthetica Artists’ Directory: Current Artists’ Profiles

The Aesthetica Artists’ Directory is a global network of artists engaging with the professional art world. In print, on our website and in social media we have created a forum for discussion and interactivity where artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and enthusiasts can meet and discover art from around the world.

A moving, curated platform of those shaping the industry today, each Directory runs concurrently in our bi-monthly magazine, including print and combined digital profiles that offer a gateway to boundary-pushing practices and innovative modes of thought.

Below is a selection from the current issue; to view the artist’s full profile, click their name.

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Agnes Kurina

Agnes Kurina is a Hungarian artist based in Budapest. She is inspired by a variety of multicultural influences, which help inform her detailed paintings.

Alexandra Valles

American oil painter and digital artist Alexandra Valles lives and works in Maryland. Her artwork explores feelings that stem from various societal expectations and a struggle to define success.

Angel Qin

London-based Angel Qin is an interdisciplinary artist, fashion stylist and posthuman image weaver. She uses her work to question the ontological nature of humanity and its relationship with ecology.

Aura Xuanyi Wang

USA-based painter Aura Xuanyi Wang examines the relationship between the body, the psyche, culture and wider society.

Beiyi Wang

Beiyi Wang is an artist with a background as a tennis player as well as an explorer with a passion for the experience of nature; their creative vision stems from a search for self-identity.

Binghui Song

Psychedelic Conflagration is the latest series by fine artist Binghui Song. The works reflect an art practice that is embodied by a journey of self-healing, in which she turns the experience of trauma into powerful creations.

Carlos Abraham

Carlos Abraham is an award-winning artist based in Mexico, where he studied architecture and photography. A current focus is to examine and highlight the beauty of the human body through images.

Claudia Pombo

Fine artist Claudia Pombo lives and works in Amsterdam. Her varied creative expressions have been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout Europe.

Diamanté Lavendar

Diamanté Lavendar is an award-winning artist based in the USA.  Her varied practice includes colour-rich, mixed-media digital creations that feature elements of photography, fractals, painting and/or drawing.

Emi Okumura

Japanese artist Emi Okumura is based in Kyoto. Detailed three-dimensional works are at the heart of a practice that is driven by the personal experiences of everyday life.

Emily Beza

Emily Beza explores the application of linear geometry in abstract paintings and figurative drawings; the works form part of a dynamic linear series.

ERA Artistry

Emily Latimer is the founder of ERA Artistry – her varied practice includes photography and jewellery design. Traditional and historical elements are combined with inspiration gained during travel and time spent in nature.

Frits van de Reep

Dutch photographer Frits van de Reep finds that inspiration from architecture and urbanism has a major influence on his practice. 

Hanne Margaretha Biedilæ

Hanne Margaretha Biedilæ is a Norwegian ceramic and visual artist. The relationship between humans and the world around us drives her to use art to examine femininity.

Hilary Watkinson

UK-based artist Hilary Watkinson is known for vibrant, expressive works that explore the interplay of colour and form in nature; she creates using a unique abstract style.

Jack Balas

Jack Balas uses oil on canvas or ink and watercolour on paper to tell stories and deploy images of men in emotional, political and stylistic scenarios.

Jérôme Guilleaume

Jérôme Guilleaume uses science, linguistics and mathematics to explore new possibilities through prints and virtual media.

Jiawei Fu

California-based Jiawei Fu portrays the subtleties of mundanity and emptiness through a lens of a surreal-like reality; her work serves as a conduit to foster new dialogues.

Kaiqi Zhang

Chinese costume designer Kaiqi Zhang is based in the UK, where she gained a BA from UAL. Historic references and costumes from Asia and Europe inspire her designs.


Shibuya-based interdisciplinary art collective KHU are inspired by Zen philosophy, particularly the idea that “all things are free from the necessity of attachment but could exist as exalted beauty”.

Kyle Hackett

Kyle Hackett is an award-winning artist based in the USA. His paintings explore race, class and social standing through various approaches to self-representation and the constructed image.

Lydia Bauman

Poland-born artist and art historian Lydia Bauman lives and works in London. Deeply moved by the fragility of the environment, her mixed media paintings harness the beauty and timelessness of the natural world.

Marzana Mahmood

Marzana Mahmood's dual careers as an artist and lawyer provide her with a unique perspective that helps to enrich an exploration of the intersection between art and culture.

Nelya Akimova

Prague-based artist Nelya Akimova (NELYA-NAKI) creates oil on canvas and digital art to explore the nature of reality and invite us to perceive the world in new ways.

Olga Baryshnikova

Ukrainian fine artist Olga Baryshnikova was born and raised in Mariupol. Her paintings are form of therapy in which serenity is sought through a harmonious combination  of colours and images.

Renato Fialho

Renato Fialho observes the spaces around him and transposes his energy onto artistic expressions including painting, drawing and photography whilst using digital editing.

Rich DiSilvio

The primary interest for American artist Rich DiSilvio is "to focus on the imagination, something no other Earthly being shares.” Oils and acrylics, with an emphasis on digital art, are used to achieve his vision.

Rui Shi

Rui Shi is a London-based artist and researcher. An exploration of marginalised identities through the lens of queer phenomenology is a key focus for the artist, and spans a range of disciplines.

Sam Groninger

Netherlands-based painter Sam Groninger harnesses observations, childhood memories and his inner world to create abstract portraiture.

Saori Kashimura

Japanese artist Saori Kashimura creates unique pieces inspired by mythology. She notes: “My work combines the contemporary with the ancient to explore themes that transcend time."