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Aesthetica Artists' Directory: Current Artists' Profiles

The Aesthetica Artists’ Directory is a global network of artists engaging with the professional art world. In print, on our website and in social media we have created a forum for discussion and interactivity where artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and enthusiasts can meet and discover art from around the world.

A moving, curated platform of those shaping the industry today, each Directory runs concurrently in our bi-monthly magazine, including print and combined digital profiles that offer a gateway to boundary-pushing practices and innovative modes of thought.

Below is a selection from the current issue; to view the artist’s full profile, click their name.

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Ana Hop

Ana Hop is a Mexico City-based artist whose documentary photography provides intimate portraits of individuals from a broad range of contexts and identities.

Anne Harkness

With a background in design, Anne Harkness gravitates towards subjects with a strong graphic image, bold aesthetics and a vivid colour palette.


Anonima/Luci is an artist duo based in Milan. Their experimental works intertwine lasers and sound, building on the tension between electronic signals.

Arati Reddy-Devlin

UK-based Arati Reddy-Devlin is a graphic designer, fine art printmaker and an art and design teacher.

Bryce Watanasoponwong

Bryce Watanasoponwong is a Thai-Australian artist who combines street photography and abstract art to create compositions that layer textures.

Buyong Hwang

South Korea-based Buyong Hwang is a painter with a background in graphic design. His works delve into the subconsciousness through abstract stimuli.

Flor Troconis

Flor Troconis is a Venezuelan artist based in Miami. She has travelled widely, fuelled by curiosity and an appetite for experimentation.

Giovanni De Benedetto

Giovanni De Benedetto combines painting and photography in a synergistic practice that reflects a desire to connect people through empathy.

Jad Oakes

London-based artist Jad Oakes explores the possibilities of photography and moving image for installations, prints and drawings.

Julijana Ravbar

Julijana Ravbar is a Slovenia-based artist whose paintings feature rich, deep hues, energetic strokes, spontaneity and playfulness.

Kevin Umbel

Photographer Kevin Umbel is known for bold abstractions of everyday objects. His style leans towards macro compositions, though is not limited to particular subject matter.

Lara Baksu

Lara Baksu works with sound, text, video and photography to explore new ways of storytelling.

Lennette Newell

Lennette Newell is a visual artist based in California. The Wonder Wander series (in progress) comprises black and white digital composites.

Michelle Piergoelam

Rotterdam-based Michelle Piergoelam is a fine art photographer who creates stories based upon cultural myths, dreams and memories.

Nick Beason

Nick Beason is a British printmaker based in the mountains of northern New Mexico; he was a recipient of the Taos Fall Arts Festival's Visionary Artist award in 2019.

Nicoletta Cerasomma

Nicoletta Cerasomma is an Italian conceptual artist whose work is bound up in an ambiguous and cinematic imagemaking that borders the real and the fantastic.

Philippe Sarfati

Paris-based Philippe Sarfati uses street photography as a means to explore and study our relationship with space.

Pietro Marullo

Pietro Marullo is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brussels. His practice lies at the intersection of visual and performing arts, installation and new technologies.

Rebecca Hann

Rebecca Hann is drawn to water as a subject matter – its elemental qualities are explored across photography and the moving image.

Renata Dutrée

Renata Dutrée's photography explores the acts of hiding or revealing – living with secrets and the journey to concealing these from the world.

Rui Sha

US-based Rui Sha is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on sculpture and new media. A background as a furniture designer has influenced her art practice.

Samantha Redfern

UK-born, Singapore-based artist Samantha Redfern views her practice as a love letter to paint, taking inspiration from the world around her, abstracting it and giving it a twist from the imagination.

Sarah-Louise Bedford

UK-based Sarah-Louise Bedford's compositions are holistic; they represent the power of creative expression as a tool to understanding the self.

Steve Chivalry

UK-based fine artist Steve Chivalry's work tackles controversial subject matter such as the notions and definitions of love, politics and religion.

Taylah Hasaballah

Taylah Hasaballah is an Australian- Egyptian painter based in Sydney. Her work explores the impact of tempo and rhythm in building an image.

The Blühen Studio

Amber Roper, founder of The Blühen Studio, specialises in handwoven textiles. She creates pieces inspired by the surrounding environment and western modernism.

Verena Bachl

Berlin-based artist Verena Bachl is inspired by experimental methods within contemporary art, natural sciences and engineering.

Wendy Freestone

Oxfordshire-based artist Wendy Freestone specialises in figurative sculpture: "I enjoy seeing how people interact, the space they take up as well as their presence.”