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Aesthetica Artists' Directory: Current Artists' Profiles

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Aga Szydlik

Aga Szydlik is a USA-based documentary photographer supporting human rights movements, environmental protection and conservation efforts.

Allison Ksiazkiewicz

UK-based printmaker and scholar Allison Ksiazkiewicz is interested in the ways we tell stories about natural history and cultural identities.

Ashley Andersen

Colorado Springs-based Ashley Andersen is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is motivated by the sensual ambiguity within conversations around issues of memory, histories and experiences.

Cecilia Di Paolo

Cecilia Di Paolo is a London-based artist. Her body of work, primarily realised through photography, film and performance, deconstructs cultural notions of intimacy, tenderness and love through a dystopian lens.

Chris Welsby

Chris Welsby is a British artist based between Canada and Mexico. Throughout his practice, he asks: how should we position ourselves and our technologies within nature?

Cristina Mato

For Spain-based artist Cristina Mato, ceramics can act like fabric. Slabs of clay are cut into threads in order to build structures full of “seams." This approach allows her to push each piece to the limit of its physicality and design.

Heyning W/D Studio

Netherlands-based Heyning W/D Studio stands for the combined work of Wied and Diederik Heyning; complementary skills in different disciplines give their porcelain pieces a unique character.

Ian Hardcastle

Ian Hardcastle's latest work, Boxing Art, involves experimenting with punching a canvas once a day for 365 days. Since 18 December 2019, he has documented each day's colour and major events on the verso.

Jad Oakes

Jad Oakes explores the possibilities of photography and moving image for installations, prints and drawings.

Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke found art to be therapeutic – a way to manage and express his experiences with bipolar disorder. Through detailed compositions, he made sense of visions and voices, allowing them to be transformed into visual information.

Jay Frazer

Jay Frazer produces contemporary designs to be enjoyed in the home. Inspired by local landscapes, the fluid works achieve a balance between nature and craftsmanship.

Jeni Bate

California-based artist Jeni Bate notes: "I paint the skies with peace and passion, because that's the way they paint me." Each piece begins as a watercolour skyscape – using unlimited colours – which are cut and reassembled.

Jessica Thacker

Jessica Thacker is an abstract mixed media artist based in London. She co-founded The People’s Art of Kindness – a unique studio which creates art with a strong sensibility in mind.

Jiyoung Kim

Working with the properties of fibre, the art of Seoul-based Jiyoung Kim focuses specifically on the elasticity and variability of fabric. Extensive research and development allows her to explore the formative beauty of textiles.

Jon Wong

Jon Wong is a Cambridge-based multidisciplinary artist who explores the concepts of alternate dimensions and the value of consciousness. Latest works examine the relations between geometry with trees and human anatomy.

Jonni Cheatwood

Los Angeles-based Jonni Cheatwood’s work is an exploration of nostalgia and tension, colour and texture. Combining materials – found, gifted and custom-made – he creates a patchwork backdrop of sewn fabric as the basis for expressionist canvases.

Katharina Goldyn

Katharina Goldyn is a professor of drawing and painting at Studio Zeiler in Munich. Her bold, conceptual multidisciplinary works fuse traditional imagery with new age semiotics.


Lexova is a France-based multidisciplinary artist who enjoys experimenting with colour and shape. Inspired by urban design and street scenes, she takes numerous photographs from unusual angles or unexpected perspectives.

Marta Zawadzka

Through processes of experimental paintwork, Marta Zawadzka has invented an energetic visual language in which portraits and cityscapes come to life in bold articulations of fluorescent colour.

Melody Lane Studio

Melody Lane’s work features mandalas; her aim is to "bring the motifs of ancient cultures into a contemporary form." The resulting pieces revel in the present moment as sunlight passes through the glass and casts changing colours and shadows.

Michael Matzko

Michael Matzko is a Cincinnati-based photographer. As the first segment of a larger project On Being Human, which asks the question: “What does a healthy world look like?” he began working on a series during the Covid-19 lockdown, entitled The Self Isolation Project.

Michaela McManus

Using print and photocollage, Michaela McManus explores both personal memory and wider themes concerning artifice and fragmentation.

Ori Gerard Frances

Ori Gerard Frances is a photographer and digital artist whose work has been widely exhibited. He believes the language of poetry and art is the only way to express certain aspects of our experience of reality in subtle and complex ways.

Pablo Ruiz Ortiz

Egosystems by Pablo Ruiz Ortiz features photography inside a sculpture. It is a complex work that, when opened, shows both content and argument: that we are victims of a hidden war.


Pybus is a digital abstract artist who pushes the boundaries of creative freedom. Lockdown has offered him time to express without distractions or limitations; the work is a manifestation of memory and ideas unfolding outwards.

Revele Design Studio

RVL was founded in London by Vivee Barengo and Jade Removille. The studio focuses on creating interactive art installations that exist autonomously, although they do necessitate the viewer’s input for a fuller experience.

Rohini Jones

Leeds-based photographer Rohini Jones responds to themes of culture, race and gender. Tending to both commercial and fine art briefs, her approach to the medium is visually stimulating.

Samvel Budaghyan

For Yerevan-based artist Samvel Budaghyan, wood is a vital natural material and a medium waiting to be repurposed. Through carving, he connects with the wood, imbuing the material with emotion.

Saundra Fleming

Painter Saundra Fleming holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her current inspiration is driven by questions of human motivation: invention of the self, social interconnectedness and the movement towards joy.

Susan Milne

Susan Milne is a British artist with a practice based in the Welsh mountains. She considers all her work to essentially be drawings whether they are produced in two or three dimensions.

Susan Williams

UK-based Susan Williams works with light and wind. Utilising open spaces – both internal and external – she produces “interventions” which play with the connection between materials and their surroundings.

Susanna Storch

Susanna Storch is a freelance realist painter based near Frankfurt. In the Facades series, she explores everyday urban life in Europe and South America.

Thomas Lust

Germany-based Thomas Lust works primarily with oil-on-canvas painting, graphic arts and photography. The focus is on capturing memorable street scenes and portraits within the modern urban landscape.

Tyreece Gary

Tyreece Gary, aka TY, is an African American artist. Though his primary focus is portraits, he experiments with various subject matters, themes, and mediums.

Van Lanigh

Van Lanigh is a multidisciplinary artist based in Haarlem. She believes that we experience our strongest emotions and memories with our eyes closed: “It’s like lightning flashes on a dark night: fast, blinding and almost impossible to catch with the naked eye.”

Wang Ziang

Wang Ziang holds an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art. He explores social and psychological aspects of the human experience, focusing on a kind of dystopia – fractured, moribund and abandoned elements appear throughout his paintings.