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Aesthetica Artists' Directory: Current Artists' Profiles

The Aesthetica Artists’ Directory is a global network of artists engaging with the professional art world. In print, on our website and in social media we have created a forum for discussion and interactivity where artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and enthusiasts can meet and discover art from around the world.

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Alex Colley

The concepts of family and memory provide much of the foundation for London-based Alex Colley’s photographic practice. His work is often performative and rendered through images, video, sound and archival material.

Arantxa X. Rodríguez

Arantxa X. Rodríguez is a New York-based artist from Mexico City. Her work can be interpreted as “paintings in space” and represent an introspective examination of her Mexican culture and Buddhist practice.

Ariel Ruby

Ariel Ruby is an Australia-based artist whose experiential installations explore a liquid relationship between polarities: beauty and the grotesque; synthetic and natural; human and nonhuman.

Caitlin Mary Margarett

Using her art practice as a vehicle, Caitlin Mary Margarett researches ethics, religion and gender studies; attempting to make sense of feminist spirituality, systems of flourishing and suffering.

Chan Suk On

Chan Suk On's 2019 TT Portrait series encapsulates the fluctuating emotions felt by the artist during the anti-government demonstrations; photographic equipment is arranged to create facial expressions that represent sadness, anger and helplessness.

Claudia Ungersbäck

Claudia Ungersbäck works between the fields of text, image, movement, painting and music; she pushes the boundaries of sculpture, performance and spatial art.

Danielle Becknell

Danielle Becknell is a Texas-based multidisciplinary artist exploring ceramics, photography, glass, steel and textile. Her eclectic and diverse practice is driven by personal experiences that become the narrative.

Debora Barnaba

Milan-based Debora Barnaba photographs express the power of self-portraits, with bodies that are controlled and subverted in favour of the photographic lens.

Diego Rey

Barcelona-based Diego Rey is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist. In The Narcissus Wall he explores surfaces as "elements that reflect the human being at its most despicable."

Eden Sweeney

Eden Sweeney is an Australia-born, London-based multimedia artist. She often uses alternate personas when examining themes such as the mundane, humour, fandom, self-portraiture and topics that may be considered taboo.

Elise Wootten

UK-based Elise Wootten’s practice reflects an interest in the nature of photography – the visual and physical flatness of the print and the perspective determined by the lens.

Franco Salas Borquez

The art of Franco Salas Borquez evokes the ferocity of the ocean; he draws attention to water as both a creative and destructive force, "where beauty is presented as the central point of this duality."

Heloisa Lodder

São Paulo-based Heloisa Lodder investigates human behaviour in relation to our given environments. Through the use of photography, sound construction and multimedia, she draws attention to different kinds of human vulnerabilities.

Iasonas Kampanis

The work of Athens-based Iasonas Kampanis unfolds a fragmented visual world, composed of abstracted or reinvented ideas, in a playful dialogue between classical and contemporary image-making.

Ilze Helgeland

Ilze Helgeland's paintings emphasise simple structures to draw attention to sources of light. Key genres through which she expresses her focus include landscapes, portraiture and still lifes.

Jad Oakes

London-based Jad Oakes explores the possibilities of photography and the moving image for sculptural installations, prints and photogravures.

Jaehee Yoo

Using plant dyes, traditional paper and natural scenery, Jaehee Yoo's practice draws upon materials and techniques from ancient South Korea.

Janusz Kawa

Janusz Kawa has worked for over twenty years as a fashion and portrait photographer in Paris and New York; his images have appeared in numerous international publications including Vogue, The New York Times and Interview magazine.

Juliana Bernal

Juliana Bernal's practice is based upon four key principles: folding, geometry, symmetry and colour. She notes: "It should be considered a simple act, but a fold produces a complex reaction."

Julijana Ravbar

Slovenian painter Julijana Ravbar creates pieces that are abstract-expressionistic, leaving the viewer free to experience colour and texture as it appears in front of them. Ravbar’s works are held in numerous collections worldwide.

Karsten Thormaehlen

Frankfurt-based Karsten Thormaehlen's latest series, Streets of New York, focuses on the semantics of urban architecture – pedestrian crossings and sprayed concrete.

Katie Webb

Katie Webb's experiences of moving around her UK home have become an artistic way of creating a dialogue – confronting her disability.

Keryn Huang

New York-based artist Keryn Huang's focus is still lifes and landscapes. Exploring colour and light, she creates painted backgrounds and then photographs living objects before they begin to decompose.

Kirstine Mengel

Kirstine Mengel is a Danish architectural photographer, specialising in creating space and capturing the lines of manmade structures.

Kiyomi Baird

Kiyomi Baird creates kinetic compositions in multi-dimensional spaces that explode with energy. Collaged forms coalesce at the centre of each piece, provoking open-ended exploration.

Leila Godden

Leila Godden’s tranquil seascapes aim to evoke feelings and experiences personal to the viewer. Based near the south coast of England, she is a member of the Free Painters and Sculptors (FPS).

Lenworth Johnson

Lenworth Johnson is an American artist based in Houston. The use of colour, light, shadow and composition help to convey a dramatic style of photography that is bold and expressive.

M-RAY by Mike Renard

Celebrated sculptor Mike Renard creates three-dimensional depiction of environmental fragility, in which both small and large-scale life forms are in danger of extinction.

Marta Promińska

Warsaw-based Marta Promińska is an award-winning artist. Using old masters' techniques – such as oil painting and sketching – combined with modern architectural inspiration, she translates traditional art through a "neoperceptive" lens.

Muriel Paraboni

Muriel Paraboni's multimedia works are defined by hybridism – experiments with narrative, poetry and abstraction through installation, film, photography and more.

Natalie Webb

Natalie Webb is a London-based ambidextrous artist. Her work is based on interaction with the environment, observation of human activity and spontaneity, and is produced in a variety of media.

Natalya Burgos

Natalya Burgos is based in the Texas countryside, where she is inspired by the surrounding fields, trees and a distant horizon. Themes of nature, fairytales and ancient myths emerge from portraits, landscapes and abstracted compositions.

Ninja D. Evangelista

Ninja D. Evangelista is an award-winning London-based Austrian artist and fashion designer; her practice explores the moments between life and death, religion and culture.

Orsi Cowell-Lehoczky and Dr Sándor Pellet

Correlation is an exhibition and culmination of a mentoring relationship between artists Orsi Cowell-Lehoczky and Dr Sándor Pellet. At The Fountain Gallery, London, 9-21 June.

Pia Forsberg

Stockholm-based Pia Forsberg is a renowned artist and educator. Her works explore the idea of heritage and memory; as images are passed down from generation to generation, individuals turn into purely faces and names – all that remains is anonymity.

Poggio Di Poggio

Poggio Di Poggio is a Franco-Belgian artist based in Brussels. A key inspiration is water; through geometric paintings he expresses the spiritual nature of the universe, based upon experiences during his previous life as a Buddhist monk.

Rachael Docherty

Rachael Docherty is a UK-based artist of Latvian heritage via her great-grandmother. She uses the act of translation as a way of confronting the complexities of collective memory, focusing on the erosion of fact into fiction.

Ron Cooper

Ron Cooper’s award-winning photographs celebrate humanity. The Colorado-based artist travels extensively, exploring diverse cultures and communities across the globe.


S.F.Batchelor explores the intersection between new technologies and traditional art. The resulting interactive, video and still works use the physical process of painting to reveal new perspectives on data.

Sari Mansala

Based in Central Finland, Sari Mansala calls upon the landscape as a central, abstract concept. She experiments with texture and colour to make ethereal and sculptural paintings.

Sophie Berenika Broch

Sophie Berenika Broch is a Norwegian ceramic artist based in Tromsø. Her works embody a diversity of textures, shapes and colours inspired by lost and weathered objects.

Stephan Crawford

Multidisciplinary artist Stephan Crawford is interested in reflecting on the natural world and our human interactions within it. Alongside his studio practice, Crawford founded The ClimateMusic Project – an arts/science/technology collaborative.

Sumio Matsuoka

Japan-based artist Sumio Matsuoka is interested in the viewer's journey. Although the works are inspired by personal experiences of struggle, the compositions feature light and colour to connote hope and new ideas.

Susie Hartley

Navigating shape, form and texture, Susie Hartley's sculptures represent and interpret the human form. Using the torso as the focal point, a sense of movement is captured in clay.

Tamás Ábel

Tamás Ábel is a Hungarian conceptual artist whose primary materials are glass and mirror. His projects deal with equality, tolerance and diversity, using geometric forms and an array of colours and textures.

Terry Beard

Terry Beard’s work is a response to the landscape and surroundings of her studio in Fenland, UK. She explores depth and form using abstract marks and making intuitive decisions during the development process.


Teti is a Minsk-based multidisciplinary artist who has spent a number of years having an independent practice defined as "re-nouveau."

Xenia Miltiadou

Xenia Miltiadou's work is about juxtaposition. Bold, colourful and textural works consider how two opposing forms can meet to create balance and cohesion.

Yande Ren

Yande Ren is a Chinese artist based in London. His numerous video works explore the development and symbolism of societies.

Yaroslava Liseeva

Moscow-based Yaroslava Liseeva looks for interconnections between the forces and energy of nature. Her paintings depict a sense of flow, expressing the notion that nature is constantly moving and changing.