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Tessellated Architecture

Osman Yousefzada transforms Birmingham’s Selfridges department store the by wrapping it in a giant installation: the world’s largest canvas.

Real Lives

An exhibition follows the UK’s contemporary youth through trials of labour, alienation and oppression. Humanity emerges from hardship.

Composite Portraits

Jeff Sonhouse is an American artist creating stylised portraits of Black male figures. His works challenge the conventions of figurative painting.

In Her Footsteps

When she was seven years old, Diana Markosian moved to California with her mother and brother. Now, she’s created a photographic retelling.

Digital Ecologies

Berlin is built on reclaimed wetlands. These swamps are where Jakob Kudsk Steensen found inspiration for an immersive audio-visual installation.

Immersed in the Detail

Two in every five people across the world are gamers. What techniques are involved in creating a compelling virtual world? Harry Taylor explains.

Approaches to Nature

Ugo Rondinone is perhaps best known for his towers of rainbow boulders stacked high in the Nevada desert. But where did the idea come from?

Mirrored Environments

“What if nature looked at itself? What would it see?” Loreal Prystaj places herself in wild places – physically holding up mirrors to the environment.

An Interconnected World

The 15th Getxophoto International Image Festival explores definitions of sharing in a globalised, digitised world. Here are 5 artists to watch.

Intimacy with Nature

Mimi Cherono Ng’ok shows an interest in botanical cultures, from the glossy green foliage of tropical plants to floral patterns on a bedsheet.

A Conscious Future

China’s most recently completed architectural works are challenging traditional notions of sustainability. MoMA surveys this new generation.

Natural Wonders

The history of botanical illustration stretches back millennia. This month, Saatchi Gallery presents the RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show.

Ties to the Earth

Human activity is changing the climate in unprecedented ways. A new exhibition in Sheffield explores ideas of “the earth” through art.

Vanishing Sublime

What does it mean for an artwork to be ‘sublime’? Siemon Scamell-Katz creates paintings inspired by natural landscapes in Europe and the USA.

In a Digital World

Our relationship to the material world is changing. Ben Cullen Williams creates works reflecting on what it means to be human today.

Polemic Graphics

Barbara Kruger’s work, as relevant as ever, continues to question consumerism and consumption – inspiring a new generation.

Play and Optimism

“I always try to bring out people’s inner child.” Camille Walala’s most recent geometric artwork in Plymouth plays with tricks of perspective.

Spheres of Influence

A new retrospective of Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi opens this month at Barbican Centre. We trace his inspiration.

Under Starlight

Since the 2000s, British-American artist Anthony James has been creating sleek, post-minimalist sculptures. A new infinity room opens in London.

Human Emotions

How far are we willing to go for entertainment? What does it mean to be human – and to hope? A new show at Sadler’s Wells asks these questions.

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