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Lyrical Attentiveness

Truth Told Slant is an exhibition where contemporary documentary photographers look at the world in ways that are critical, but never detached.

Meditative Filmmaking

Meet the Shortlist | Antonia Luxem’s film and multidisciplinary work stems from ideas of human perception, dream, anxiety and queer identity.

Systems of Knowledge

Mexican-British artist Mónica Alcázar-Duarte presents a new show rooted in western society’s obsession with speed, expansion and accumulation.

Athina Pappa: Video Profile

Athina Pappa aka Felix Felis is a Greek artist and illustrator. She explores symbolism and escapism and often references nature and the female. She notes: “I would like for my pieces to be perceived as visual rituals frozen in time that wish to restore the divinity of the female and bring back the equality in the male-female dipole.” Pappa’s work has been exhibited in Europe and the USA. Upcoming events include a solo show at Chalkos Gallery, Thessaloniki in March.

A Digital Canvas

Shepard Fairey is a major figure in street art. For Frieze LA, he’s teamed up with LG OLED to bring his socially-aware graphic works into the virtual realm.

Foam Talent 2024:
Persistence & Preservation

How does a photograph shape our understanding of past, present and future? Foam Talent’s 2024-2025 twenty artists engage with this crucial question.

Beyond the Familiar

Multimedia artist Refik Anadol creates digital, large-scale public installations that present real-time generative environments made with AI.

Visible Soundscapes

Meet the Shortlist | We asked electronic musician, Mo H. Zareei about some of the ideas that inspired his sound-sculpture Material Sequencer.

Renewal and Wisdom

Wangechi Mutu’s film ‘My Cave Call’ shows at Saint Louis Art Museum, presenting a mesmerising tale of knowledge, myth and Kenyan oral histories.

Radiant Scenes

Discover photographers from the Aesthetica Art Prize 2024. These creatives explore themes of identity, loss and solitude through striking visuals.

Industry Visualised

Edward Burtynsky’s exhibition reveals the impact of industry and calls us to reflect on the environmental cost of unbridled development.

Imaginative Self-Reflection

Meet the Shortlist | JeeYoung Lee reinterprets her psychological world into elaborate stage sets, which roots her fantastical photography in reality.

Memory and Legacy

Olufemi Olaiya is part of a wider movement by contemporary creatives to redress the balance of history, how it is packaged and how it is told.

Paradox and Shape

Meet the Shortlist | Donna Mclean is interested in beauty, polarity and unease as demonstrated in her miniature oil paintings of atomic bomb explosions.

Fluid Transformation

Sarah Sze presents a mesmerising solo show at Nasher Sculpture Centre, inviting viewers into a collection of new, immersive and site-specific works.

Mediated Nature

Meet the Shortlist | Caroline Jane Harris’ fragile hand-cut pictures reflect an anxiety around the decline of physical images in the digital realm.

Ethereal Architecture

Do Ho Suh’s imaginative drawings and sculptures explore questions about home and identity, inspiring us to reflect on our relationship with space.

Looking Through the Lens:
20th Century Photography Shows

Photography has never stopped evolving. This selection of exhibitions looks back at those who revolutionised 20th century image-making.

The Power of Stories

Pao Houa Her engages with the legacies of photography and still-life in relation to Hmong diasporic communities in this Aperture book.

ICP at 50: Photography
For Our Current Moment

The International Centre of Photography celebrate their 50th anniversary with an exhibition that shows work from Samuel Fosso, Gordon Parks and more.

Chroniclers of our Times

The Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition is the place to discover contemporary artists who use art to express emotion, reflect reality and inspire change.

Shaping Perspectives

We highlight photographers from the Aesthetica Art Prize Shortlist. These inspiring projects document our world from alternative perspectives.

Eyes of the Forest

Daniel Steegmann Mangrané takes us to Tijuca National Park to open our minds to the often overlooked perspectives of animals and plants.

Questioning Assimilation

Meet the Shortlist | We caught up with Hussina Raja to learn more about her film “ROOTS” and the ways in which it explores cultural assimilation.

Guided by Details

If we looked a little more closely, what might we see? Photographer Lucy Sparks answers this question in a collection of fragmented photographs.

Faces of a Revolution

Soheila Sokhanvari’s debut show in Denmark spotlights the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and preserves the legacy of women who were silenced.

Expanded Documentary

Richard Mosse’s film “Broken Specter” shows the deforestation of the Amazon. It’s a reminder of a rapidly approaching point of no return.

Layered Visions

Meet the Shortlist | Cinzia Campolese is an Italian-Canadian artist who explores the perception of space in both digital and physical environments.

Aesthetica Art Prize 2024:
Winners Announced

Maryam Tafakory and Gala Hernández López receive the Aesthetica Art Prize 2024 with thought-provoking artist films that spark key conversations.

10 Questions With…
Oli Kellett

Waiting for a Sign contrasts anonymous metropolitan life with unique human experiences, asking us to consider the stories of people we pass by.

Uneasy Scenes

Georg Kussmann’s photo book captures the zeitgeist of a German summer in 2015 through everyday scenes charged with a sense of unease.

Underwater Worlds

Meet the Shortlist | Alexej Sachov is a Ukrainian-German artist and diver who spotlights the beauty and fragility of life under the surface of the ocean.

An Evocative Visual Language

A solo exhibition of Flor Garduño shows her iconic black and white photography of indigenous cultures, peoples and place. We have a closer look at the show.

Exhibitions to Discover:
Women Artists In Focus

Here is Aesthetica’s list of exhibitions dedicated to promoting international women artists. These shows continue to challenge the rules of the art canon.

This Is The Place:
Aesthetica Art Prize Shortlist 2024

The 2024 Aesthetica Art Prize shortlist comprises 21 international artists who propose creative responses to the challenges we face as a society today.

Curator Interview:
Redefining Landscape Art

We interview Lisa Anderson, the curator of “Soulscapes,” who shares insights into a show that’s widening perceptions of landscape art.

A Space Between Worlds

For Taysa Jorge, art is a way of matching her inner thoughts with the physical world. Her works unfold in a blue-purple haze, as if in the middle of a dream.

Storytelling Landscapes

American photographer Dawoud Bey’s landscapes capture peaceful views whilst reminding us of the legacy of people who must never be forgotten.

Capturing Infinity

“The salt lake” surveys Murray Fredericks work over the past two decades, showcasing the interventions he creates and captures in space.

The Past Reimagined

Omar Victor Diop uses self-portraiture to spotlight Black people from important histories that are overlooked by Eurocentric societies.

Colonial Context:
Art in Conversation

The Royal Academy of Arts addresses its connections to the legacies of the British Empire in its newest exhibition, “Entangled Pasts.”

When Forms Come Alive:
5 Must-See Sculptures

When Forms Come Alive, a show at the Hayward Gallery displays over 60 years of sculpture trends.
We select five significant objects from the exhibition.

Exploring Light with Squidsoup

Light Festival returns to Battersea Power Station. Aesthetica talks to Antony Rowe, from art collective Squidsoup, about their glistening installations.

Highlights from the Sony
World Photography Awards 2024

We look at our favourite images from Sony World Photography’s Regional and National Winners, spanning landscape pictures and portraiture.

5 To Know:
Installation Shows

Aesthetica presents a list of installation shows. These site-specific pieces evoke spatial awareness and reflect on humanity’s relationship with nature.

Journeys After Dark

Daniel Grizelj draws inspiration from classical paintings. Focused light is essential – whether it appears from under branches, rocks or snowy peaks.

Curator Interview:
Humanity & Nature

We interview the curator of Fotografiska New York’s current exhibition, “Human/Nature”, to learn more about the key ideas behind the show.

10 Questions With…
Yannis Davy Guibinga

Yannis Davy Guibinga is passionately committed to rewriting outdated narratives about Africa, showing how myths and folklore have a global resonance.

Black History Month: 5 to See

In honour of Black History Month in the USA, we spotlight five key exhibitions that use creative expression to remember forgotten histories.

LGBTQ+ History Month:
10 to See, Read and Discover

For LGBTQ+ History Month we highlight a list of exhibitions, festivals and books that focus on topics of gender liberation, activism and representation.

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