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Chroniclers of our Times

The Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition is the place to discover contemporary artists who use art to express emotion, reflect reality and inspire change.

Questioning Assimilation

Meet the Shortlist | We caught up with Hussina Raja to learn more about her film “ROOTS” and the ways in which it explores cultural assimilation.

Aesthetica Art Prize 2024:
Winners Announced

Maryam Tafakory and Gala Hernández López receive the Aesthetica Art Prize 2024 with thought-provoking artist films that spark key conversations.

Curator Interview:
Redefining Landscape Art

We interview Lisa Anderson, the curator of “Soulscapes,” who shares insights into a show that’s widening perceptions of landscape art.

Black History Month: 5 to See

In honour of Black History Month in the USA, we spotlight five key exhibitions that use creative expression to remember forgotten histories.

Inspiring Reflection

These artists consider the relationship between nature and the human-made, question imperialist ideologies in film and create portals for reflection.

Aesthetica Art Prize:
Creativity On Screen

Video content is everywhere; it’s a rolling form of communication. Our list include films that explore class, gender and cross-cultural identity.

In Conversation
with John Akomfrah

Aesthetica speaks to renowned multidisciplinary artist John Akomfrah on his latest installation, ‘Arcadia’, now on display at The Box, Plymouth.

Hoda Afshar:
A Curve is a Broken Line

Iranian-born, Melbourne based Hoda Afshar presents her first major solo show, reflecting on the injustices of governance and state responsibility.

Layers of Detail

An-My Lê’s first museum survey opens in New York. It reflects on personal experiences as a political refugee, and explores cycles of history and conflict.

Doug Aitken:
Return to the Real

In a show spanning 15 years, artist Doug Aitken demonstrates the dislocating yet connective power of technology and modern communication.

Change & Protest:
The Happy Man Tree

Aesthetica interviews Katy McGahan, documentary director of The Happy Man Tree, discussing the power of activism, community and green spaces.

Enchanted by Possibility

Magic has been an answer to inexplicable events for much of human history. MASS MoCA’s latest exhibition explores its place in today’s world.

Legacy and Memory

Thao Nguyen Phan retells and reimagines the past through striking multimedia pieces. Her work debuts in Italy at Pirelli Hangar Biococca.

5 to Check Out:
Paris+ par Art Basel

For the second year running, the fair returns in six locations across the French capital. We round up work by Tony Cragg, Urs Fischer and Zanele Muholi.

Say it in Chorus:
Julianknxx at Barbican

At the Barbican Centre, the Sierra Leonian artist creates a multimedia exhibition on port cities, memory and music as a means of resistance.

Video Art Innovations

Full Burn showcases the potential of lens-based media, immersing attendees in exciting new worlds, from virtual chat rooms to the forests of Taiwan.

Windrush 75:
Exhibitions & Events

This year marks seventy-five years since the original Windrush arrival. Here, we look at UK installations, talks and workshops that honour the anniversary.

2023 Listening Pitch:
Winners Announced

Aesthetica Film Festival and Audible have teamed up for The Listening Pitch 2023. We announce the two winning projects, ‘Banana’ and ‘Old Lesbians.’

The Role of Capitalism

Isaac Julien’s film ‘Playtime’ poses the question: “how can financial capital be visualised?” whilst exploring the intersections of class, gender and race.

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