Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition 2017

26 May – 10 September, York Art Gallery

A platform for innovation and originality, the Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition invited audiences to engage with captivating projects from some of today’s leading artists, both established and emerging. From individual narratives to global concerns, the artworks commented on contemporary culture and explored themes such as globalisation, perceptions of space and alienation in the digital age.

As the boundaries between the public and the private begin to merge into blurred depictions of reality, contemporary art is the mechanism that enables us to respond to a renewed understanding of living. The 2017 presentation featured the work of 16 shortlisted artists who hailed from diverse locations including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Japan, the USA and the UK.

Utilising a range of media, they worked within the categories of Photographic & Digital Art; Painting, Drawing & Mixed Media; Three Dimensional Design & Sculpture. and Video, Installation & Performance. Images of 84 longlisted pieces were shown on monitors within the gallery – offering a unique chance for visitors to explore the breadth and diversity of work being produced across the world.

The 2017 Aesthetica Art Prize Winners

Adam Basanta
Main Art Prize Winner

Maryam Tafakory
Emerging Art Prize Winner

Explore the work of 2017’s Longlisted Artists.

Lunchtime Talks at York Art Gallery

Visitors could further their appreciation of contemporary art and enhance their experiences by attending talks held at the York Art Gallery. Led by artists, curators and academics they offered an insight into current themes in the art world.