Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition 2020

13 March – 5 July, York Art Gallery

The Aesthetica Art Prize is a celebration of works that redefine the parameters of contemporary art. The annual prize, now in its 13th year, provides a platform for both established and emerging practitioners from across the globe, supporting and enhancing their careers through exhibition, publication and talent development.

The 2020 exhibition includes 18 artists that respond to today’s key issues, unpacking the layers of our digitalised, globalised planet. The featured projects ask poignant questions about what it means to be a human today. How has the selfie altered our sense of personal identity? What value do we place on being individuals? What are the consequences of altering weather patterns? Across painting, photography, sculpture, video and installation, these immersive works are part of a wider line of enquiry into our changing world. The featured projects span the UK, USA, Gibraltar, Japan and Mexico.

Public Programme

Led by artists, curators and academics, Aesthetica’s public programme offers an insight into current themes in the art world, engaging with the shortlisted pieces on display and discussing the role of art prizes in talent development.