Simone Felice

Raw, naked emotion remains through Strangers, a collection of songs about real people and real life situations with each number having a distinct sense of place.


Berlin-based Denitza Todorova’s hip-hop-layered lyrics don’t waste time on metaphors, instead they are clear and concise with lashings of attitude.


Each song on this record is beautifully crafted, resembling a soundscape more than a traditional piece of music.

Vijay Iyer

Vijay Iyer’s Mutations is a montage of piano, electronics and strings. Constructed from fragmented melodies, the instrumental songs are ever-evolving.


Fanfarlo’s third album, Let’s Go Extinct, is a joy to listen to, infusing pop anthems with lyrical concerns about the future and human evolution.


At the heart of War Room Stories is a wonderful and vast muddle of textures – found sounds, atmospheric synths and subtle movements.

Keziah Jones

We rather like the genre name Jones has cooked up to define his music: blufunk. It combines punk, funk and Yoruba rhythms to form a reasonably enticing mix.

Super Electric Party Machine

Conceived from the notorious club night of the same name, Super Electric Party Machine has concocted a high octane, fierce explosion of an album.


Full of electronica and orchestral echoes, Slo Light is a collection of songs built on suspense and varied levels of noise.


In The Silence is the debut of Icelandic singer-songwriter Ásgeir, who is already something of a sensation in his homeland.


Combining electronics with a punchy rhythm and a splattering of pop, Push/Pull is an endlessly catchy album.

Susanna and Ensemble neoN

A collaboration between singer Susanna Wallumrød and Ensemble neoN, The Forester is a wildly ambitious album that deals with loss, power and loneliness.

Tristesse Contemporaine

Tristesse Contemporaine is a trio based in France with no French members, which delivers synth pop that sounds equally at home in the mainstream or underground.


Coming from the same angle as Joy Division, Beastmilk cook up some great songs. Death Reflects Us, in particular, is massive, with huge guitars and perfectly-controlled reverb.

Dear Beloved

Barging its way through 12 tracks of stormy, experimental guitars, Hawk Vs Pigeon succeeds in completing a compelling, and totally bonkers album.

The Rifles

The Rifles’ fourth album, None the Wiser, is a fast paced indie rollercoaster which finds the band’s trademark rock and roll sounds once more.

Zsófia Boros

Evocative and passionate are two words that perfectly encapsulate Zsófia Boros’ ECM debut, En Otra Parte.

Agnes Obel

As soon as the opening notes of Agnes Obel’s second album Aventine fill the air, it becomes impossible to stop listening.

Black Onassis

Black Onassis’ unique sound is a potent mix of electronic beats and guitar rock.

Young Rebel Set

Channelling the dulcet, pained tones of Springsteen, Young Rebel Set’s lead singer Matty Chipchase echoes the cadence of Born To Run throughout Crocodile.