The Rifles

None the Wiser
Cooking Vinyl

Applauded by The Times and Artrocker, None the Wiser is a fast paced indie rollercoaster. The fourth album from The Rifles, this latest offering finds the band’s trademark rock and roll sounds once more. Building on Freedom Run, the band continues with upbeat melodies.

Naming Bob Dylan and The Beatles as strong forms of inspiration, the four-piece certainly reflects the captivating pop of these giants. Dropping notes of folk music into the mix, the band demonstrates an ability to draw upon a variety of ideas. One stand-out moment includes the single, Heebie Jeebies, which accelerates through lyrical brilliance, incessant percussion and dynamic riffs. Meanwhile You Win Some exudes a softer sound with instrumental trills and echoing vocals.

Perhaps relying a bit too heavily on their influences, The Rifles do not bring anything new to the table. However, there’s nothing wrong with a feel-good, feet-tapping collection of songs, and since catchy tunes and song-writing skills are required for a successful album, None the Wiser has come home triumphant.

Hannah Clugston