Sprinklings of hushed vocals meet a psychedelic drive worthy of Daft Punk, as the energy is high from the beginning.

Marc Carroll

Now signed to the highly regarded One Little Indian, Carroll’s latest album marks a turning point, as the label will also be reissuing his first four albums.

Klak Tik

Combining a cupboard full of instruments, choral layers and electronic blips, Klak Tik’s second album is the perfect balance of deafening calamity and peaceful clarity.

Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson’s backstory is so fascinating that there is a tiny risk of it overshadowing the music, but once immersed in his new album, Birthdays, there is no need for concern.


Opening with the provocative question “Are you there?”, HK119 responds to her audience’s presence with a twisting tale of howling vocals and pounding beats.

Beach Fossils

For their sophomore release, the Dustin Payseur-led Beach Fossils unleash a lo-fi and ethereal studio album worthy of the Brooklynite’s stellar reputation.

Steve Adey

The Tower of Silence fills the airwaves with a variety of instruments and vocal expression. Recorded in a 19th century church in Edinburgh, the record is song after song of emotional intensity.

Sonic Youth

In this newly released recording of a 1985 Sonic Youth gig, the haunting vibrancy is more than audible. It’s easy to hear this and lose your mind to the dingy images of the Chicago music venue.

Singing Adams

The follow-up to his acclaimed album, Everybody Friends Now, Singing Adams’ new release, Moves, does not disappoint.


Catchy, chilled out and, some may even say, cerebral. There’s even a summery vibe, but don’t let that put you off; instead let it cast its glow over your winter.

Super Best Friends Club

Esoteric is the word of the day as the wonderfully named Super Best Friends Club unleashes its epic journey of a debut LP.


Certain tracks, such as Cry Wolf, could form a fitting soundtrack to a grand and intense piece of performance art.

Burning Shapes

These Things Happen offers such a perfect balance of guitar-rich up-tempo treats and laid-back melody that it’s a surprise to discover it’s Burning Shapes’ debut.


Orr can make some great beats. Wise has a killer voice. And together, the Brooklyn duo make some beguiling pop music: all sultry textures and tinkling asides.

Minus the Bear

Minus the Bear’s fifth album sees the quintet reunited with former member and long time producer Matt Bayles and is, in many ways, a return to form.

Boys Noize

This is all about the bass: big, crunchy, rumbly synths that will shake any pair of headphones to pieces.

Cat Power

Celebrated for her searching voice and haunting guitar, the American singer makes a welcome return to original material on this tenth album.

Submotion Orchestra

Fragments is the hotly anticipated second album from septet Submotion Orchestra and it doesn’t disappoint.

Kid Koala

From the instant 12 Bit Blues starts playing, an incredibly thrilling experience begins. As a listener, you feel like you’ve been given access to a rare privilege.

Said the Whale

With their third full-length album, Said the Whale prove themselves to be experts in blending diverse elements into an ultimately harmonious end result.