Zsófia Boros

En Otra Parte

Evocative and passionate are two words that perfectly encapsulate Zsófia Boros’ ECM debut, En Otra Parte. The classical guitarist draws on the music of the Americas to find an ocean of composition for her instrument. Both the individual songs and the album as a whole carry an organic progression, reflecting the Hungarian’s intuitive response to musical production.

Working with a variety of composers, Cuban practitioner Leo Brouwer lends a hand on the two central tracks, Un Dia de Noviembre and An Idea. Famous for stating that the guitar has “no limits”, Brouwer directs a soundscape of contrasting tempos and detail, culminating in moments of thoughtfulness and serenity. Other composers include Francisco Calleja, Vicente Amigo, Abel Fleury and Ralph Towner amongst others.

Moving away from the slower chords, Te Vas Milonga is a more upbeat piece. As the staccato notes escalate, listeners are treated to a guitar sound with more intensity. Produced by Manfred Eicher, En Otra Parte continues Boros’ search to find touching music. www.zsofia-boros.com.

Hannah Clugston