Normal Surround

Berlin-based Denitza Todorova is straight-talking. Her hip-hop-layered lyrics don’t waste time on metaphors, instead they are clear and concise with lashings of attitude. On You Wish she bluntly complains: “You wish that I would always stay behind you, always telling you that what you do is right, but it is not.” It is this no-nonsense approach that has brought DENA international acclaim and comparisons with M.I.A and Grimes before she has even released her debut album. Luckily, Flash more than lives up to the high expectations.

Opening with Thin Rope, the album showcases DENA’s unique brand of pop, combining hip-hop with electronically manufactured beats. The catchy hooks and repeating lyrics on Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools exemplify Todorova’s ability to produce simple but endlessly addictive tunes. Flash is nothing short of brilliant. The record takes elements of 1990s hip-hop and dance, mixing them with modern day concerns, resulting in a fresh and inspired album. A must-have.

Hannah Clugston