Gary Numan

The rebirth of Gary Numan over the past decade is testament to his significant influence on electronic music. Numan has returned to doing what he does best.

Burning House

Burning House effortlessly binds together a collection of songs a lot weirder than you could imagine from its composite parts.

Chapel Club

Constantly jumping between synths and heavy drumbeats, Chapel Club’s second album Good Together doesn’t disappoint, particularly if you loved the first album.


Serving up sounds from a wide-ranging palette, one of Wampire’s stand-out strengths is the fact that their music is nearly impossible to categorise.


Samaris is an unusual combination of clarinet, electronica and vocals. In the broadest sense, the music is down-tempo techno, possessing an otherworldly charm.

Sparrow and the Workshop

Murderopolis  is the third album from Glasgow-based trio Sparrow and the Workshop, and it is a leap forward in craft and assuredness.

Ravens + Chimes

It’s easy to see why Ravens + Chimes is developing an increasing fanbase – the band doesn’t miss a step with its latest offering, Holiday Life.


Atlanter produces an intriguing mix of rock with desert blues, classic psych and a stream of repeating vocals.

The Lucid Dream

The raging and pulsing cacophony that is How’s Your Low When You’re Low Alone may well be the most enthralling introduction to a debut album this year.

The Epstein

The Epstein reaches its sophomore album with a more experimental edge than its critically welcomed debut displayed.

Surf City

Hailing from New Zealand, Surf City upholds its sturdy shoegaze, indie reputation, and breezily strolls through ample amounts of plodding melancholia.

Pure Bathing Culture

Heavily overproduced lo-fi pop is the order of the day, as Pure Bathing Culture ambles through its debut release.

The Woodentops

80s rockers The Woodentops release an all-encompassing retrospective collection of the highlights of their career to date.

Crystal Fighters

Crystal Fighters’ second album is so blissfully executed that its infectious rhythms are bound to induce partying in a cave, field, beach or just about anywhere.

The Phoenix Foundation

With a sound blessed with beautiful melodies set amidst lush soundscapes, they have crafted their unique style with a loving attention to detail.

Secret Diary

College instantly demonstrates his ability to reproduce aspects of existence electronically, as his striking first notes echo a heartbeat gasping to live.

Mice Parade

Named after a bar in Madrid, noted to be a haven for flamenco, Candela is strongest where it references tight, Spanish guitar-laden anguish.


The new release from STRFKR radiates a feel-good electro-pop vibe, hovering somewhere between the grooves of Passion Pit and the electronica of MGMT.

The Pigeon Detectives

It can’t be denied that We Met at Sea is both unpredictable and full of life, driven by punchy guitars and melodies that will easily set feet tapping.

Hiss Golden Messenger

A Biblical thread runs through this album, weaving faith and emotive frankness into this tapestry of senses, addressing the relationship between past and future.