Denis’ latest offering is littered with abusers and victims. The cause of their woes appears to be Laporte, a rich businessman, who becomes the focus of a thirst for retribution.

Fire in the Blood

Fire in the Blood tells the story of how Western pharmaceutical companies and governments blocked access to low cost anti-retroviral drugs in the global South, causing millions of unnecessary deaths.


A celebration of adolescence in all its acne-ridden, rebellious glory, Matt Wolf’s Teenage is a compelling joyride through the evolution of the teenager.

Fill the Void

Less a consideration of the inflexibility of faith than a portrait of desperate women, Fill the Void is a brave film.

Blue is the Warmest Colour

Blue is the Warmest Colour charts the journey of Adèlefrom curiosity to melancholy via all points in between.


InRealLife opens with the provocative question, “Have we outsourced our children to the internet? And if yes, where are they and who owns them?”

Free Fall

Betrayal and guilt are the recurring themes in Free Fall, Stephen Lacant’s powerful film about forbidden love.

Le Week-End

Two lost souls seek a light at the end of the long tunnel called marriage and hope to find it on a romantic weekend in Paris.

Becoming Traviata

Becoming Traviata takes a look behind the curtain of Jean-François Sivadier’s re-imagining of Verdi’s masterpiece, as it moves around the demise of its namesake, Violetta Valéry, the “fallen woman.”

The Selfish Giant

The Selfish Giant follows two scrappy 13-year-olds as they reject a school system that doesn’t accept them.


Utopia delves back into the White Australia Policy of 1901, which effectively introduced a form of Apartheid as virulent as anything seen in South Africa.

Kelly + Victor

Adapted from Niall Griffiths’ compelling novel, Kelly + Victor is an intense love story with harrowing overtones.


The self-obsessed family that employs her as a nanny barely notice that Margarita is their domestic Sun until she is fired and it highlights the ways they orbit her.

Child’s Pose

In the upper echelons of Romania’s nouveau riche Child’s Pose probes into the caustic relationship between a domineering mother and her adult son.


Milius, the first feature-length documentary from director duo Zak Knutson and Joey Figueroa, unearths the real character of John Milius.

Mister John

In Mister John, Gillen straddles two worlds – the one he wishes to leave behind and an alternative existence occupied by someone he once knew, but no more.

Call Girl

Based on actual events, Call Girl tells the story of underage prostitution among the Swedish elite in the 1970s.

Our Children

Our Children is a harrowing depiction of one woman’s psychological decline, spiralling uncontrollably to an ending that is made more shocking by the simple treatment it is given.

The Act of Killing

Today the elderly former death squad leaders of Indonesia are venerated as heroes. One would assume they would be reluctant to explore their history. Not so.

Night of Silence (Lal Gece)

Eons of ritual and inflexibility are played in this unsettling tale, in which youth vies with age to outmanoeuvre the demands of societal mores.