Free Fall

Stephen Lacant
Peccadillo Pictures

Betrayal and guilt are the recurring themes in Free Fall, Stephen Lacant’s powerful film about forbidden love. With a promising career in the police force and a baby on the way, Marc (Hanno Koffler) appears to have his life clearly mapped out. Then he meets fellow policeman Kay (Max Riemelt) and his life changes.

Marc and Kay arrange outdoor training meetings and during these secluded activities the men become closer. Torn between his wife Bettina (Katharina Schüttler) and his feelings for Kay, Marc sees his life unravel, becoming distant as his betrayal begins to affect those closest to him.

Portraying what it means to lead a secret double life, Free Fall explores the impossibility of trying to keep everyone happy. It also examines the coping strategies deployed by people working for the police. There are some touching moments in which Koffler’s portrayal of Marc evokes sympathy, but ultimately it is Schüttler’s detailed interpretation of Bettina that is the real standout performance. In straightforward terms Free Fall is a love story, albeit a slightly clichéd one.

Matt Swain