Kelly + Victor

Kieran Evans
Verve Pictures

Adapted from Niall Griffiths’ compelling novel, Kelly + Victor is an intense love story with harrowing overtones. Set against the backdrop of Liverpool, the film follows the struggles of the two protagonists as they negotiate the highs and lows of intimacy. Surrounded by crime and scraping together the pennies to get by, Kelly and Victor only let go when alone with one another, allowing their darker instincts to take over.

Evans’ breathtaking film contrasts tenderness and natural beauty with passion and with industrial structures. The camera often jumps from frame to frame, building a collage of images that capture the depth of the characters’ lives. It is the careful combination of cinematic detail that ensures the film stimulates the senses from beginning to end.

However, the main highlights are the arresting performances from Antonia Campbell-Hughes and Julian Morris, who present two complex individuals with no chance of solace. Ultimately Kelly + Victor is a stunning and haunting modern-day romance that encapsulates the basic need to connect with another human being.

Hannah Clugston