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Room E

Room E is a San Diego-based producer and he makes gentle electronica. The album, Penguin Child, is a very relaxed walk through this particular genre.

kNIFE and fORK

Taking your title from one of the world’s most celebrated Surrealists means you’ve got to deliver and this doesn’t disappoint.


Meursault have produced a genuinely extraordinary record. Something For The Weakened hangs its hat on its writing and production, and both are almost faultless.

Helen Boulding

Primarily acoustic, the album prioritises melody, and you’ll find yourself humming some of its tunes when you don’t expect it.

Library Voices

Summer of Lust is the second album from the Canadian seven-piece Library Voices and this sunlit, upbeat album couldn’t be further from the band’s frozen origins.

Reverend and the Makers

The latest album from the Makers is a lightweight piece of club-ready English pop. It’s well-made, cleverly produced, and just the right length.

Jherek Bischoff

Recorded one instrument at a time and then layered and arranged to create a huge orchestra, Composed is exceptional in its method of production.


Concerned with place and the physicality of the world, Unearth is a manifestation of the band’s focus on location, each song inspired by a specific place in Britain.


A pleasing amalgamation of indie, punk and pop, as a whole the album is a non-challenging proposition, and should be enjoyed as such.

Funeral Suits

Funeral Suits desperately want their music to be riveting and haunting. They want it to be the kind of timeless playing that resonates after the final track ends.

Maps & Atlases

If you like Kings of Leon, the chances are you’ll love this second album from Chicago quartet Maps & Atlases.

She Makes War

Conflict is the theme here, and Kidd handles it well, turning what could have been a trying experience into one that will haunt and dazzle you in equal measure.

Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra

Johnny Parry is the founder of Lost Toys Records and has played with a number of acclaimed musicians including Beth Orton and Talvin Singh, as well as Turner Prize winning artist Martin Creed.


Best described as a “musical mélange”, Free Time! displays a range of world music influences from the tribal in Death Is Not A Lover to the exotic in Cyborg Machine.

The Ghosts

We have a confession to make: we’ve fallen in love with Alex Starling’s voice. Starling flies as high as his namesake.

Clock Opera

Clock Opera’s debut album is a euphoric mix of upbeat rhythms and occasional near psychedelic moments.


Black Light is singer-songwriter Sam Genders’ first album as Diagrams, dubbed a “solo project of sorts” but also one embracing the numerous collaborations.

Team Me

Team Me might just be the happiest band we’ve ever come across. Actually, happy isn’t the right word. This Scandinavian six-piece is joyous, jubilant, flamboyant.

Flash Fiktion

If you’re feeling the winter blues and need a musical pick-me-up, this sparkling debut from London-based trio Flash Fiktion will propel you towards spring with new gusto.

The Raven’s Empire

Here are some facts about David Bramwell. He runs a Victorian freakshow. He runs a folk club night. He “recently presented a radio program for BBC3” and also hosts a Wickerman tribute show.

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