Room E

Penguin Child
Proper Songs

We hate having to damn with faint praise. In many ways, it’s worse than saying that an album is a complete shambles and the artist should start over. At least then we can be entertaining. We can even be angry. Here, we just feel a little bit sad.

Because Room E’s latest album isn’t bad, really. He’s a San Diego-based producer and he makes gentle electronica. The album, Penguin Child, is a very relaxed walk through this particular genre. But while it might be a very competent, well-made record, it’s about as exciting as a seminar on historical wallpaper.

It’s just, well … nice. It’s the kind of music David Cameron would play at a Notting Hill dinner party. You’ll appreciate the gentle rhythms of Woolly Mammoth. You might raise a smile at the cheeky Earl Grey. And then someone will make an off-colour joke and the music will fade into the background to be ignored for the rest of the evening.

So, sadly, we can’t in good faith recommend Penguin Child. While accomplished, it just lacks interest.

Rob Boffard