Library Voices

Summer of Lust
Dine Alone Records

It’s to be expected that any band with Dine Alone Records is worth a listen. They are the company responsible for the beautiful The Civil Wars, Hot Hot Heat and Alexisonfire amongst other bands. Summer of Lust is the second album from the Canadian seven-piece Library Voices and this sunlit, upbeat album couldn’t be further from the band’s frozen origins.

Hailing from Saskatchewan, they wrote and recorded the tracks during the harsh winter but the result is an unexpectedly bright combination of happy pop and indie rock. Utilising synths and samples of NASA space recordings, it’s like the Gin Blossoms wired up to electronics.

The catchy melody of The Prime Minister’s Daughter belies its satirical heart, with lyrics that are a jibe at Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his stance on the arts. Me, Myself and ID offers great rhythm and literate lyrics that reference Jacques Cousteau and John Lomax. An intelligent album full of pop culture and sunshine, Summer of Lust is the perfect summer accompaniment.

Bryony Byrne