Flash Fiktion

Flash Fiktion
Split Records

If you’re feeling the winter blues and need a musical pick-me-up, this sparkling debut from London-based trio Flash Fiktion will propel you towards spring with new gusto. An invigorating, original blend of indie, electro and infectious, Latin-inspired beats, it rings with positivity, and it’s impossible not to catch a little of it and carry it with you throughout the day.

In a world now saturated with angry bands and music lamenting the state of things, it’s strangely refreshing to encounter an album containing consistently up-tempo tracks, whose lyrics remind us that “it’s a wonderful world” (Nautikal Girl) and prescribe “free love for the geeks” (Metamorphosise). You’ll want to dance to it when no-one’s watching, and why not?

It’s difficult to extract highlights from such a coherent whole, but the award for catchiest intro goes to Nautikal Girl, and Science of Sleep is four minutes of pleasing Britpop with a Franz Ferdinand quality. It all ends on a high with the irresistible drive of Tomorrow’s People, which is surely what Flash Fiktion are – a band for the future. www.flashfiktion.co.uk.

Grace Henderson