Clock Opera

Ways to Forget
Moshi Moshi/Island

Clock Opera’s debut album is a euphoric mix of upbeat rhythms and occasional near psychedelic moments. A catchy blend of pop and synth-rock, there is something undeniably emotional about this collection of tracks; it is happy and infectious, and you will be hard pressed not to dance.

Guy Connelly is the man behind Clock Opera, and Ways to Forget is a veritable gold mine of disparate sounds mixed by this acclaimed producer. That the tracks are all so fluid and cohesive is all the more impressive when you consider his instruments: tin cans, pots and pans, shoes on a squash court, basketballs, lighters and the variety of bizarre and assorted goods that are used in the mixes.

Even the lyrics are not free from Connelly’s influence, with Man Made featuring a reconstructed magazine story about a beauty pageant in a Siberian prison. Other songs draw from Connelly’s own experiences and the result is a speculative and uplifting album that conveys real warmth and emotion through remarkably disparate elements of production.

Bryony Byrne