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Throughout his adult life, what interested the band’s namesake, André Breton, was less an author’s work per se than the human attitude behind it.

Ana Silvera

The Aviary is multi-instrumentalist and singer Ana Silvera’s debut album. A talented and diverse musician, Ana imbues the album with drama.


Brooklyn quintet Milagres’ debut album bursts into life with more than a hint of Human League style 1980s electropop in rousing opener Halfway.

First Aid Kit

You won’t find a more powerful piece of Americana than the title track on First Aid Kit’s new album. The Lions Roar is immense; dark skies over the open prairie.


It would be impossible to call the music of Hyperpotamus derivative, and you won’t have ever heard an album like Delta.

Boys Noize

For listeners who are familar with this DJ and producer’s secret performances at festivals, this record is a disco-pulsed trip down memory lane.


Remember The Family, formed by Prince? A funk and soul unit put together to be the thunderclouds behind the Purple Rain, the Family has reformed as fDeluxe.

Liz Green

The old and evocative nature of Green’s voice conjures up images of dancers whirling round smoky dancefloors.

Wild Flag

Wild Flag has a youthful vigour to make you yearn for days gone by, or if you’re lucky, provide the perfect accompaniment to a young, free present.

Forest Fire

Staring at the X is Forest Fire’s second album following their acclaimed debut, Survival, which received high praise across tastemaking blogs.

Mike Doughty

Doughty’s signature blend of sounds and genres is more present in this album. Known for merging indie, folk, rock, Americana and blues, Doughty creates an overall listening experience.


Grizzly Bear multi-instrumentalist Chris Taylor’s first solo project is captivating. Combining an array of sounds and moods, Dreams Come True is an album that will appeal from its first track.

We Were Promised Jetpacks

This second album from We Were Promised Jetpacks is aptly named; their aggressive brand of indie rock delivers a bracing blow.

Kill It Kid

Kill It Kid is many things, but first of all, they’re loud. Since critical response to their first album pigeon-holed the band in with acoustic neo-rock, the second album does well to break free from these labels.

Brian Olive

Two of Everything is an upbeat blend of funk, jazz, soul and psych, layered with rasping brass and syncopated drums.

Submotion Orchestra

Submotion Orchestra’s debut, Finest Hour, combines a sublime cinematic landscape providing a unique take on dubstep, soul and jazz.

The Voluntary Butler Scheme

The Voluntary Butler Scheme is the vehicle for Rob Jones, a singer-songwriter from Dudley. He accompanies himself, with help from friends and his mum.

Shimmering Stars

With an old school rock-and-roll style sound and a wistful, California-dreamy quality, the music of Violent Hearts transports us to the era of the high school dance and dates at the drive-in.

Astrid Williamson

The breathy, ethereal sounding vocals of singer-songwriter Astrid Williamson take centre-stage throughout Pulse – an album best listened to when in a reflective mood.

Roll the Dice

Having gained fans like Caribou and Kieran Hebden, Roll the Dice present an album that is intense and grand in its offering, with an overriding narrativeof urban exploration and experimentation.

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