My Robot Friend

Energetic, fun, edgy, catchy and alive, Soft Core, is a delightful record. Two year’s in the making, it’s the third album from the band based in New York City.

A.A. Bondy

Creating a real buzz around his music, A.A. Bondy has legions of fans like Bon Iver and Low Anthem. On the same label as Andrew Bird, Bondy is in good company.

Portico Quartet

At times this is avant-garde jazz at its befuddling best, where the twang of guitars is interspersed with oboes, violins, drums and the calls of gulls.

Efterklang & The Danish National Chamber Orchestra

In 2008, Efterklang teamed up with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra to perform their original work to a capacity audience at Koncerthuset in Copenhagen.

Phil Kieran

Kieran’s background as DJ, producer and film-score creator for Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, means that Shh doesn’t sound like a debut album.

Samara Lubelski

Lubelski has a voice of calm, serene with textbook energy, simplicity at heart, and with depth in each track; Future Slip is bound to become a staple.


There’s no beating about the bush here as Bastila attack like ADD drummer-boys on Christmas day in opening tracks You Can’t Catch Me and The Slacker.

Larry Tee

Having worked the New York club circuit for over a decade, Larry Tee is frequently credited as responsible for the initiation of electro-clash.

Royal City

The band brings together a combination of psychedelic rock and New American Weird to team idiosyncratic lyrics with nostalgic melodies and raw guitar riffs.

Little Dragon

Little Dragon’s influences oscillate between pop, jazz, soul and R&B, creating atmospheric tracks like Never Never, and the more experimental Come Home.


Often compared to the likes of Bob Dylan, Elliot Smith and Syd Barrett, Julien Barbagallo aka AKA Lecube holds a special place in the music world.


From the very first sun-drenched guitar chord, Telekinesis! is imbued with an overarching immediacy – wrenched, quickly, from somewhere raw and honest.

Sonic Youth

Having formed in 1980 during the No Wave movement and with 16 studio albums under their belt, it’s hard to know just what to expect from Sonic Youth.

White Denim

It’s pretty exciting when a band releases a ground­breaking first album, more so when the second album embodies a pure and unadulterated music.

Acoustic Ladyland

Acoustic Ladyland is back with something rather promising. Although it can be tough to find your element in an instrumental album, Living With A Tiger assures listeners this is, indeed possible.

The Revolution

Revolution brings together Cuban musicians with top artists and producers from the UK and the USA, showcasing the eclecticism of Cuban music.

Astrid Williamson

Here Come The Vikings is an eclectic mix of electric pop and smooth ballads. Williamson is revealed to be a multi-talented musician and songwriter.

Maxïmo Park

Maxïmo Park is moving in a new direction, one that’s more established, secure and oozing with confidence. It’s serious in lyrics, galvanized in sound.

One Day International

One Day International’s debut album Blackbird is a testament to the fact that a guitar is not a prerequisite for a brilliant, soulful band.


Millimetre never shy away from experimentation, and the white noise, interference and aural impositions of our everyday lives become their canvas.