Little Dragon

Machine Dreams

The title of Swedish electro group Little Dragon’s second album suggests that there is a constant amalgamation between technology, science and what it means to be human. The result is the electro sounds of the synth and the pulse-like rhythm of the percussion and bass, which back the almost fleeting vocals of Yukimi Nagano.

The band’s influences oscillate between pop, jazz, soul and R&B, creating atmospheric tracks such as Never Never and Feather and the more experimental, psychedelic Come Home. Tracks such as Runabout have the unique, exhilarating qualities that could see a jump into the mainstream for the underrated Little Dragon.

The juxtaposition of Nagano’s detached vocals with the funky bass lines and pulsating drumbeats creates blissfully addictive tunes. The sound transcends from the retro into the futuristic, delivering a sense of where we have been and where we are going. This elusive sound creates an album that is vibrant and music that is ever in a state of flux.

Nancy Porter