Maxïmo Park

Quicken The Heart

Maxïmo Park is moving in a new direction, one that’s more established, secure and oozing with confidence. As we know, some bands release second and third albums and there’s nothing but disappointment, but with Maxïmo Park that hasn’t been the case.

The first album, A Certain Trigger introduced Paul Smith’s aching vocals and enigmatic stage presence. Our Earthly Pleasures hit number 2 in the UK charts, while Quicken The Heart offers an amalgamation of the two previous albums + 1. It’s fun in that Maxïmo Park way, serious in lyrics, galvanized in sound, and The Kids Are Sick Again, track three, offers that immortal anthem just like Apply Some Pressure.

Roller Disco Dreams lives up to its name, “this isn’t the first time / but it still feels innocent / I just want to kiss you.” While I haven’t seen her in ages, finishes the album with poetic eloquence and expressive yearning. Maxïmo Park is the fabric of everyday life.For dates and venues visit

Shirley Stevenson