White Denim

Full Time Hobby

It’s pretty exciting when a band releases a ground­breaking first album, but even more mind-blowing when the second album embodies all that can be described a pure and unadulterated music.

The Texas-born trio hit the stage with Workout Holiday in 2008, which was the album of the year in the Observer Music Monthly, Uncut, and Clash. With jazz, punk, funk, country, acid rock screwed up into a giant ball of sound, and even being compared to the venerable Minutemen, White Denim is something special.

Fits’ opening track, Radio Milk How Can You Stand It, starts out with a dreamy intro that moves quickly into a groovy baseline, as the song progresses, it’s evident that this is radical. I Start To Run has the affectionate unassuming rhythm and blues of a 1960s garage band, and this is just the beginning, Mirrored And Reversed flows effortlessly, with a beautifully arranged mix of sounds and vocals. In reality, White Denim is just down right fun.


Shirley Stevenson