Heliography resonates with influences of the more obscure work of the Pet Shop Boys. Millimetre never shy away from experimentation, and the white noise, interference and aural impositions of our everyday lives become their canvas.

Soul at Work’s ramblings on the nature of the soul, personified as a confused schizophrenic, are played over the howling winds of a cliff top before hollowing out onto monistic chants, punctuated by gunshots and marching feet. With abstract historical references the beauty of Millimetre’s style is in the mystery of the composition and lyrics. The Goose and the Cobra separates the album with its steady beat, and structured vocals, making it more accessible than earlier work.

In an age overwhelmed with formulations for the perfect pop melody, there is something rewarding about immersing yourself in a fit of random work and this album certainly delivers. For further details please visit

Ruby Beesley