One Day International

Independent Records Ireland

One Day International’s debut album Blackbird is a testament to the fact that a guitar is not a prerequisite for a brilliant, soulful band. Made up of five formally trained musicians, this is one of the few groups to make use of foundational, yet many times under-appreciated instruments.

The variety of instruments is almost as eclectic as the band members themselves with a formally trained pianist, a classical jazz bassist, a genre-jumping drummer, and a multi-talented cellist. Their signature sound develops with each of the album’s 11 tracks, and listeners become quickly mesmerized by the soothing tones of the cello and the rhythmic timing of the bass and drums.

Their lyrics are beautiful in their heartfelt simplicity with lines like “It’s taking us so long to learn something that we already know” from Big Surprise. Everyone should identify with the bittersweet happiness found in the music and lyrics of this Irish band’s innovative debut album.

Jordan Von Cannon