My Robot Friend

Soft Core
Double Feature Records

Now you’re talking. Energetic, fun, edgy, catchy and alive, Soft Core, is a delightful record. Two year’s in the making, it’s the third album from the band based in New York City.

Having started recording back in 2001, My Robot Friend has attracted a loyal fan club including the likes of Antony from Antony & the Johnsons, and even had their songs covered by the Pet Shop Boys and Robbie Williams. Eclectic to say the least.

A vigorous live performance, Howard Robot performs in an elaborate, personally designed light-up suit, while interacting with illuminated objects, wireless video camera, pyrotechnics and various other homemade props. Opening track, Robot High School is synth heavy with monotonous vocals, backed with supped-up electrics. Final track, 23 Minutes in Brussels, the hidden bonus track (they don’t do that anymore) is hip and rather cool.

Not only is My Robot Friend diverse and enter­taining, the cover artwork is something else, with a conglomeration of fruit and cauliflower. Modern art perhaps? You decide.

Shirley Stevenson