The Revolution

Rapster Records

The Revolution presents Revolution brings together an array of Cuban musicians with top performing artists and producers from the UK and the USA. With the likes of Norman Cook, Roisin Murphy and Poet Name Life involved, this special edition seeks to showcase the eclecticism of Cuban music and to establish its own place on the international scene.

Shelter perfectly infuses Cuba’s traditional Buena Vista sounds with the high-profile productions of Cook. Brass accompaniments conjure images of long shady days in Havana’s streets, while the rhythmic rapping of Cuban act, Lateef The Truth Speaker, roots the song comfortably with American hip hop.

The talents of one of Cuba’s most successful musical exports, Jenna G, create the album’s standout sound on Black Dollar, highlighting Cuba’s state on today’s political stage, and the uncertain conflicting nature of being a young Cuban today – “think about what this song says.”

Ruby Beesley