A.A. Bondy

When The Devil’s Loose
Fat Possum

Creating a real buzz around his music, A.A. Bondy has legions of fans like Bon Iver, Felice Brothers and Low Anthem. On the same label as Andrew Bird, Bondy is in good company.

Not only does his music captivate listeners, but Bondy is an interesting man. Born in New Road, Louisiana he eventually found himself in the Catskills region of New York Sate writing this album in the deep snow. When The Devil’s Loose is a vast arrangement of sounds with Bondy’s vocals paradoxically sparse and full. In this nebulous state, what’s created is an album rich in emotion and harmonies that demand your attention.

Bondy is creative, and through this he explores a soundscape heavily routed in Americana. Opening track When The Devil’s Loose introduces Bondy’s style – it sounds like something you may know, but is simultaneously unique. I Can See The Pines Are Dancing, False River and On The Moon are organic with reference to Bondy’s world.


Cherie Federico