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“Once upon no time, countless light-years from Earth, the cosmos revealed the moment had come to take action…” So begins the official bio for Sonnymoon. For the love of God.

Fortunately, producer and singer duo Dane Orr and Anna Wise don’t have their heads completely up their backsides. He can make some great beats. She has a killer voice. And together, the Boston duo do make some beguiling pop music: all sultry textures and tinkling asides. Orr drenches the sound in reverb, making the self-titled record as spacey as their biography. However, there’s a lot to enjoy here, from the intense grooves of Watersboiled to the reflective Nothing Thought, and it’s not long before the album worms its way under your skin.

But in case you haven’t cottoned on, a big warning: you have got to enjoy this kind of music already to get anything out of this record. If not, it will just annoy you and make you break something. So, if you like trippy, spaced-out pop, dive in. Otherwise, you might want to glide right on by.

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Rob Boffard