Klak Tik

The Servants
Safety First Records

Combining a cupboard full of instruments, choral layers and electronic blips, Klak Tik’s second album is the perfect balance of deafening calamity and peaceful clarity. Using brass, strings, keys and woodwind, the winding melodies of the songs reflect the uplifting beauty of Penrhos, Wales, where the band set up camp to write and record.

But amongst the notes and chimes, the driving force of the music is in the multiple vocals. The single voice of singer-songwriter Søren Bonke is regularly joined by echoed notes and harmonised words. This powerful technique adds moments of ethereal and haunting magic, as if taking the listeners through an extended dream. The central track, Curved Mirror, jumps between simple instruments and striking choral notes, creating a delicate and yet unceasing tide of sound.

As the follow-up to their critically acclaimed first album, Must We Find A Winner, The Servants  leaves the listener responding in a way that agrees with the lyrics to track three, Reborn: “I’ve finally woken up to the beauty of the world through a love song”.


Hannah Clugston