One Little Indian

Opening with the provocative question “Are you there?”, HK119 – or Heidi Kilpeläinen – responds to her audience’s presence with a twisting tale of howling vocals and pounding electronic beats. Once referred to in Q Magazine by Björk as “the perfect blonde woman”, Kilpeläinen carries the same surrealist resonances as her Scandinavian fan, making Imaginature a journey of musical surprises.

The third album in the Finnish artist’s oeuvre, this work concerns itself with the evolution of nature. Inspired by the landscape of Finland, Kilpeläinen has taken on the near impossible task of documenting nature’s unstoppable development; just as a tiny acorn grows into a towering oak so the small isolated notes and beats on each song expand into a powerful mass of sound.

Made up of punchy pop hooks and experimental interruptions, Imaginature dances through the bright colours of major melodies in Iceberg and straight into the dark recesses of minor chords in Spring. Never settling on one sentiment, the album captures the uncatchable flow of nature and imagination.

Hannah Clugston