Super Best Friends Club

Super Best Friends Club
Hakisac Records

Esoteric is the word of the day as the wonderfully named Super Best Friends Club unleashes its epic journey of a debut long player. Hailing from London, the sextet has compiled a complex, tempo flouting, rich soundscape, and appears to get progressively more experimental as each track passes. Rather than making it disjointed, there is a wonderful fluidity to the funk.

Sounds are at times cacophonous, particularly in the opener Universal Universe, but eventually, when each track is stripped down, delicate melodies are born out of the incredible noise. Each track takes twists and turns aplenty, nodding more to bands such as Stray and Yes than their modern day indie counterparts. Sunshine, Super Megatron is a case in point, as it refuses to settle on being confined to the realms of a typically written guitar track.

Bright and ultimately utterly barmy, this introduction to Super Best Friends Club is well worth an investment, if only for a fascinated listening session attempting to untangle the infinite layers of sounds.

Corin Douieb