Marc Carroll

Stone Beads and Silver
One Little Indian

Stone Beads and Silver is the sixth album from the Dublin-born singer-songwriter Marc Carroll. Now signed to the highly regarded One Little Indian, his latest album marks a turning point, as the label will also be reissuing his first four albums.

The album as a whole is scattered with droplets of magic, most notably on Muskingum River and in the brooding majesty of The Fool Disguised In Beggars Clothes. The sombre introspection of You Can Never Go Home is a lyrical highlight and repays repeated listening.

Carroll’s folk-rock style, blending country and blues, inevitably draws comparisons with Neil Young and Bob Dylan, and his Beach Boys-style harmonies effortlessly underpin crafted melodies and pop hooks. (It Was) Lust Not Love is the significant “pop” moment here, bathed in hazy Americana. It’s a well-worn genre but one Carroll navigates with significant aplomb, infusing real emotion and layered musicality without ever straying into cliché. These are songs of real depth and intensity that stay with you. It’s an arresting journey.