Shilpa Gupta

Gupta uses interactive video, websites, objects, photographs, sound and public performances to probe themes such as desire, religion, security on the street and on the imagined border.

The Front Line

Set during the Korean War and based around the final and decisive moments between North and South, the battle rages in the Aerok Hills.

The Guard

Following hard-bitten Police Sergeant Gerry Boyle as he closes in on a group of drug smugglers, The Guard’s action takes place on the west coast of Ireland.


As the third instalment in Gary Hustwit’s trilogy on the impact and function of design in the modern world, Urbanized is a concise exploration of the urban habitat of the Homo sapien.


Paddy Considine’s directorial debut about two lonely, damaged people brought together by circumstance is a powerful drama about violence and loss.


When Russell heads out to a nightclub, he picks up Glen, and after a brief encounter, the pair experience an intense relationship that lasts only for 48 hours.

The Burma Conspiracy

Beginning with a car chase, the film is packed to the brim with action shots and gunfire. It’s more than your standard action film though, with a gripping story and some stunning cinematography.


Black Light is singer-songwriter Sam Genders’ first album as Diagrams, dubbed a “solo project of sorts” but also one embracing the numerous collaborations.

Team Me

Team Me might just be the happiest band we’ve ever come across. Actually, happy isn’t the right word. This Scandinavian six-piece is joyous, jubilant, flamboyant.

Flash Fiktion

If you’re feeling the winter blues and need a musical pick-me-up, this sparkling debut from London-based trio Flash Fiktion will propel you towards spring with new gusto.

The Raven’s Empire

Here are some facts about David Bramwell. He runs a Victorian freakshow. He runs a folk club night. He “recently presented a radio program for BBC3” and also hosts a Wickerman tribute show.


Throughout his adult life, what interested the band’s namesake, André Breton, was less an author’s work per se than the human attitude behind it.

Ana Silvera

The Aviary is multi-instrumentalist and singer Ana Silvera’s debut album. A talented and diverse musician, Ana imbues the album with drama.

Graphic Design A History

Now in its second edition, Graphic Design A History is a weighty compendium that charts the history of graphic design from the 19th century to the present day.

David Shrigley: Brain Activity

Filled with a generous selection of works across a variety of disciplines, David Shrigley: Brain Activity highlights the artist’s ability to cross boundaries.

How 30 Great Ads Were Made: From Idea to Campaign

This fascinating book takes you behind the scenes of some of the best advertising campaigns from the last decade.

Gary Hume: Flashback

This book accompanies the third exhibition in the Flashback series, in which early acquisitions from key international artists are juxtaposed with newer works from British collections.

Critical Dictionary

This book is the incarnation of the group show at WORK gallery, which presents a whopping 24 artists from Simon Faithfull, and Paola Di Bello to Sophy Rickett and Simon Cunningham.

Alighiero Boetti: Game Plan

Boetti was one of the most innovative artists of the 20th century and a key member of the Arte Povera group.

A Question of Exposure

Tina Chang creates images that transcend their component parts to create a world where fantasy and desire dominate.