Graphic Design A History

Stephen J. Eskilson
Laurence King

Now in its second edition, Graphic Design A History is a weighty compendium that charts the history of graphic design from the 19th century to the present day. Organised chronologically, this text adds significant critical analysis to the field of graphic design.

Starting with Gotenburg, moving into the Industrial revolution and surveying the importance of Art Nouveau, Eskilson provides a historical narrative as the backdrop to developments in design and topography. Each chapter is contextualised and includes examples of styles and trends with the back story of what these designs meant at the time.

Being a graphic designer is not only about creating the look and feel of something, but also about stirring emotion. It’s about creating something that causes a reaction; just like writers and artists, if you want to excel in your field, it’s essential to study and understand it. The last chapter on contemporary graphic design is fantastic, really bringing the past and the present together to map out new paradigms for graphic design tomorrow.

Shirley Stevenson