How 30 Great Ads Were Made: From Idea to Campaign

Eliza Williams
Laurence King

This fascinating book takes you behind the scenes of some of the best advertising campaigns from the last decade. Advertising has changed enormously and, with the rise of digital media, ad agencies have had to find new and innovative ways to engage their audience.

Successful adverts hold huge appeal – they are often funny, smart, original and creative – and there are many books that showcase the best of them. However, this publication offers more than simple lauding; Eliza Williams goes behind the scenes of our favourite adverts and explores the process from inception to product.

Insights include early sketches and detailed accounts of working practice, and the adverts covered range from Honda’s Cog television ad to Nike’s immersive Barrio Bonito, which transformed an entire neighbourhood. These adverts herald a new blurring between commerce and creativity, with many impacting upon popular culture, and How 30 Great Ads Were Made is a compelling, often hilarious, and remarkable exploration of the best of them.

Bryony Byrne