Crystal Fighters

Cave Rave

Appropriately titled Cave Rave, Crystal Fighters’ second album is so blissfully executed that its infectious rhythms are bound to induce partying in a cave, field, beach or just about anywhere. In this follow-up to Basque-inspired Star of Love, Crystal Fighters continue to soak the genres of folk, electronica and dance in a rainbow of irresistible colour with choral interludes and contagious melodies.

Recorded with Grammy-nominated producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, Air, M83, Paramore), the British/Spanish band unites Hispanic influences, Mexican electronic music and African dance in its 10 track offering. Highlights of the album include LA Calling and You & I, both of which combine thoughtful lyrics with sing-a-long choruses and hypnotic, upbeat hooks. Bridge of Bones  and These Nights  take on slower tempos but don’t forsake the depth, intensity and joy found in the other tracks.

Tackling the topics of love, death, hope, religion and insanity through reconfigured beats and guitars, Cave Rave explodes into a collection of enlightening anthems that will inspire listeners to keep dancing all night.

Hannah Clugston