Miracle Mile

The new release from Portland-based STRFKR radiates a feel-good electro-pop vibe, hovering somewhere between the energetic grooves of Passion Pit and the mellower indie electronica of MGMT. Miracle Mile is the band’s third album, and its first fully collaborative effort, each song being a coalescence of all of the group’s ideas.

There are infectious sounds to be enjoyed – Leave it all Behind stands out as a dance-floor track, and While I’m Alive blends funky guitar riffs, chugging bass and dreamy melodic fragments into a glowing opener. Each song relies on charmingly simple synth patterns and hooks – listen out for the cool bass line that anchors Golden Light. This album’s midtempo pulse suggests the band is shifting towards a calmer sound, trading on memories of smooth 1980s synthpop.

As a whole, the record indicates that they have yet to carve out a secure musical personality and creative direction. Until they do, though, Miracle Mile will be a more than adequate soundtrack for party-goers looking for catchy hooks and icy beats.

Rachel Coombes