One Little Indian

Formed in 2011, Icelandic trio Samaris is an unusual combination of clarinet, electronica and vocals. In the broadest sense, the music is down-tempo techno, but it goes beyond that, possessing a glacial, otherworldly charm, largely due to the fact that the band effectively uses space as a sound. To add a further twist, the lyrics are taken from 19th century Icelandic poetry.

Throughout, the clarinet floats across the barren, desolate landscapes of each track, complementing the haunting and delicate vocals of Jofriour Akadottir. Percussive beats come to the fore on Viltu Vitrast , while on the beautiful Stofnar Falla the band is at its most haunting and hypnotic.

Voggudub is Samaris’ most accessible work as it edges towards the dance floor while still managing to retain the same sense of alienation and abandonment that underpins the group’s overall sound. With members still in their teens, Samaris is an exciting prospect both in terms of depth and vision. Its minimal spectre and engaging presence is able to seep into your consciousness without you even noticing.

Matt Swain