The Pigeon Detectives

We Met at Sea
Cooking Vinyl

As their first album in two years, The Pigeon Detectives’ We Met at Sea does not disappoint. As a platinum-selling band who have toured with the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs and Dirty Pretty Things, they ensure that their latest release makes an important mark on the indie map.

In an attempt to capture a more natural feel, the album was partly recorded from live takes, where possible, and even includes a few mistakes. As such, the songs have a unique energy and character, with a few rough edges here and there. It can’t be denied that We Met at Sea is both unpredictable and full of life, driven by punchy guitars and melodies that will easily set feet tapping.

Covering a variety of topics, from break-up (Hold Your Gaze) to bad behaviour (No State To Drive), the band slams out infectious song after song, hitting a high note with every tune. Combining repetitive lyrics with contagious guitar riffs, The Pigeon Detectives prove once more why they can draw audiences of thousands and sell out shows.

Hannah Clugston