Chapel Club

Good Together
Ignitions Records

Constantly jumping between synths and heavy drumbeats, Chapel Club’s second album Good Together  does not disappoint, particularly if you loved the first album. The follow-up to Palace, this new offering combines electronically produced notes with echoing vocals, mixing mesmerising sounds with intimate lyrics. The continuous bass drum carries the album forward in an unceasing wave of addictive chimes and catchy rhythms.

Drawing listeners in from the off, the hypnotic Good Together  opens with Sleep Alone, a funk infused song that carries delicate lyrical content into a new dimension. Produced by Tom Biller, other memorable tracks include Scared, a haunting and yet eerily upbeat jaunt, and the Bowie-influenced Fruit Machine, which floats into a space somewhere between a disco and Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting. Meanwhile Force You’s chimes mix classical moments with more hedonistic electronics.

Actively deciding to embrace a new sound, Chapel Club produces a magical piece, unassuming in its presentation but confident in its musical ability.

Hannah Clugston