Under the Skin

Dressed in a fake fur coat, Scarlett Johansson is the nameless, exotic alien serial killer at large in Scotland, driving a van and preying on lonely men.


Bahamas returns with a collection of songs that bear all the hallmarks of a composer comfortable in his own skin.

Lighting Darkness

Henning Kreitel documents the surreal elements of reality. Shooting everyday scenes, his approach to lighting, angles and colours results in visually arresting and almost magical imagery.

Moments Preserved

Labelled by the Picture Post in 1938 “the greatest war photographer in the world,” Robert Capa spent the majority of his life capturing shocking war-torn landscapes.

Aesthetics and Reality

The Akademie der Künste in Berlin examines the effect of art on reality itself, and how it is constantly adapting and transforming according to the viewer.

Susan Hiller

With a career spanning more than 40 years, Susan Hiller is one of the most influential artists of her generation.

Dramatic Vignettes

Maxime Delvaux and Kevin Laloux’s project, Box, is a compilation of dramatic scenarios constructed entirely from cardboard and miniature furniture.

Fashion Photography Next

The fashion photograph has become a central part of today’s visual language. From advertising to editorial, these stylised, artistically inspired, ultra-glamorous images are everywhere.

Havana Uncovered

Formento & Formento take the concept of street photography to the next level. The duo transform their chosen locations, which are bursting with cinematic beauty and brooding darkness.

Collector’s Edition

This stunning book documents the loving detail that goes into the creation of limited edition collector’s pieces for the music, book and magazine industries.

Mistaken for Strangers

Mistaken for Strangers is not a conventional band-on-tour film. It is as much about the relationship between two brothers as it is about The National.

In Bloom

Eka and Natia, two gal-pals on the verge of womanhood in Tblisi, rush towards the next stage of their lives as violence threatens their homeland.

Venus in Fur

Polanski mulls over the sexual politics behind the actress-director relationship, taking cues from the man whose seminal 1870 novella gave masochism a name.

Ways of Looking

With no prejudices, no preconceptions, Ossian Ward proposes a formula to understand contemporary art.

Capturing Change

From the first images of the great metropolis to portrayals of the Midwest, a new exhibition addresses architectural photography as a window on social and economic crisis and progression.

The Next Generation

As part of Aesthetica’s Special 60th Edition, we have partnered with London College of Communication to survey some of photography’s rising stars.

Monica Bonvicini

Monica Bonvicini navigates issues of gender, power and control through the use of architecture, installation, language and drawing.

Faded Paper Figures

From the opening electronic notes of Breathing  to the heavy drum beats of Not the End of the World, the album features catchy hook after hook.

Redefining Expectation

Child’s play and the macabre world of Annette Messager appear in a retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

The Moons

The Moons’ Mindwaves sees the foursome dive headfirst into rock ‘n’ roll’s dressing-up box in pursuit of the quintessential pop song.