Collector’s Edition

Stuart Tolley
Thames & Hudson

This stunning book documents the loving detail that goes into the creation of limited edition collector’s pieces for the music, book and magazine industries. A concise, clear introduction discusses the transition in consumption to a more fluid streaming culture. Consumers no longer desire ownership of regular objects, making way for a growth in special, crafted editions of work.

While the media itself can be obtained easily through digital means, what the collector’s editions offer is a connection between the artist and the audience. This can come in many different forms and Collector’s Edition presents these innovative concepts in four categories: Boxed, Multiples, Hand and Extras.

As well as detailing the design and production of these pieces with gorgeous images, a series of interviews provide an insight into the creativity behind the projects. Lists of techniques and materials involved also provide a helpful reference point for aspiring creators. Showcasing beautiful objects carefully created in limited numbers, the book itself is an homage to the genre.

Bryony Byrne