Coinciding with a large-scale exhibition at Tate Modern, this text explores the life and work of influential Russian artist Kazimir Malevich.

Dismantling the Spectacle

A retrospective of the work of conceptual artist, Christopher Williams, at MoMA in New York unravels the parade of contemporary consumer culture.

Intense Beauty

Jacques Olivar combines style with storytelling, producing visually stunning works that reflect the beauty of the scenery and spin a silent tale.

Morton Valence

Soft riffs and pain you can sing along to is the order of the day, as Left ambles through 15 songs of gentle storytelling.

Camera Crazy

Camera Crazy highlights our obsession with photography from a nostalgic perspective. Over time, cameras first invented as toys have gained iconic status.


Set in 1985 against the changing, cultural mecca of San Francisco, Test explores the life of a young, gay, modern dancer within the early, terse days of the AIDS epidemic.

Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden

Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden reunite for the beautifully seductive Last Dance. Primarily comprising of new material, the album still finds room for the duo to build on some of Jasmine’s songs.

Ilo Ilo

Ilo Ilo is set in Singapore during the financial crash that happened in the 1990s, but it could as well be Britain in the second decade of the 21st century.

Woman’s Hour

Conversations takes the listener on a journey, down long, straight roads into a period of introspection.

Intimacies of an Icon

A fictionalised 24 hours in the life of Nick Cave, replaces traditional rockumentary aesthetics with an exploration of how we spend our time on earth.

Extreme Solutions

Kelly Reichardt’s fifth feature film, Night Moves, follows a group of three very different left-wing environmentalists as their well-intentioned morals take a terrible turn for the worse.

Merging Genres

Genre divides in music have become increasingly irrelevant. As time goes by the boundaries continue to blur, but why now, what’s changing?

Pristine Realities

Helen Lawrence, a new production from leading visual artist, Stan Douglas, combines live film and theatre, and transforms expectations of how audiences experience narrative.