Moments Preserved

Capa in Colour

Robert Capa (1913-1954) was labelled by the Picture Post in 1938 “The Greatest War Photographer in the World.” The Hungarian artist spent the majority of his life capturing shocking war-torn landscapes, uncovering the remnants of humanity beneath the brutality. Capa even died in a conflict zone when he stepped on a landmine while working during the First Indochina War. However, over his career, he also shot numerous images in colour, documenting everything from glamorous French models to the beautiful scenery of France. In contrast to his black and white war photographs, his colour works take on a different more hopeful character, reflecting a world of peace and prosperity rather than one in the midst of destruction. Capa in Color is currently on display at the International Center of Photography, Governors Island, New York and recognises an important part of the artist’s oeuvre that was nearly forgotten. The following images are from the exhibition, which runs until 28 September.