Bahamas is Afie
Brushfire Records

Bahamas is Afie Jurvanen, a Canadian singer and songwriter who has previously collaborated with Feist and Jack Johnson, amongst others. Creating something of a buzz with debut album Pink Strat  and the accomplished follow-up Barchords, Bahamas returns with a collection of songs that bear all the hallmarks of a composer comfortable in his own skin.

There are a number of standout tracks including Waves  with its mix of guitar and vocal harmonies. Can’t Take You With Me is equally accessible, accentuating the intimate vocal style Bahamas has honed to perfection. Bitter Memories burns with a joyful melody and backing vocals that intertwine throughout, whilst the upbeat Little Record Girl is fun-filled with lyrical innovation giving it a nudge towards commercial waters.

The crowning achievement is All I’ve Ever Known. With its stirring, gentle piano and an intimate drum sound, it is the longest track, clocking in at over six minutes. It slows down the pace and is a glorious yet downtrodden gem just waiting to be discovered.

Matt Swain